NewAir AI-215 Countertop Ice Maker with 50 lb. Daily Capacity Review

NewAir AI-215 50 lb. Countertop Ice Maker

NewAir AI-215R Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Daily

NewAir AI-215 is a solid, portable ice maker with a countertop design and a high ice making capacity of 50 pounds per day with a 170-watt powerful compressor (120V). Your color options are red (AI-215R), stainless steel (AI-215SS), white (AI-215W) or white/black (AI-250W) with the price differences you can view on the Amazon product page.

NewAir AI-215 Ice Maker is offered by Amazon Renewed and works and looks like brand new after being tested and inspected by the Amazon qualified sellers/technicians. And it comes with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee for 90 days. The large output of this ice machine makes it ideal for entertaining guests at home or in the parties. You will get good quality ice cubes consistently and quickly and you will hardly ever need to run to the shops to get bags of ice.

It doesn’t require any installation as you just plug it into a power outlet, put some water in and press a couple of buttons. Your first batch of bullet shaped ice will be ready within 15 minutes or so and then you will get ice every 7 minutes. You can use them in your cold drinks or transfer them to the freezer section of your fridge. The LCD-backlit display panel has the indicators that tell you when the ice basket is full or when the water tank is running out of water. You also have the On/Off, Select, Timer and Clean buttons.

NewAir AI-215 Ice Maker weighs 37.4 pounds and measures 14.25 x 16.88 x 16.75 inches. You can comfortably use it in an office environment by tens of people and you will not run out of ice. As long as you keep the water reservoir clean and use distilled water you will get good quality, solid ice cubes that taste nice. It has the self cleaning function with an easy button on the display panel. You can choose from three ice sizes of Small, Medium and Large. NewAir AI-215R Portable Ice Maker 50 lb.The larger ice cubes will take longer to make than the smaller cubes. After you fill the water tank up to the mark, you will get about 4 baskets of ice as it fills up very quickly.

You can put it on your countertop right next to a sink to be able to drain it as the plug is located on the side of the ice maker. The ice it makes will melt back into the reservoir to make more ice. You will hear a bit of noise when it is making and dropping ice but it is not a very loud machine. Please make sure you do not lose the small drain plug, to avoid the water leaking. It is a great, high capacity ice maker that we are happy to recommend. Please note that you can return this ice maker for a refund or a replacement within the 90 days of your purchase if you’re not satisfied. This is in conjunction with the standard return policy of Amazon. You can get support from the Amazon Customer Support in case of any problems or queries.

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