NewAir WAT40W Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

NewAir WAT40W Pure Spring Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

NewAir WAT40W Pure Spring BPA Free Hot and Cold

NewAir WAT40W “Pure Spring” is the brand new water dispenser with an innovative bottom loading design for cold and hot water efficiently in your office, home, gym or garage. It has an elegant and stylish stand-alone design with sleek curve and looks good in white and black, weighs 35.3 pounds and measures 12.2 x 13.6 x 41 inches- height is just right for both tall or short people and will be comfy to get water from faucets. You will not need to use a kettle for water as this one heats water up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit so it is hot enough for your tea, coffee, instant soup or noodles. The whole thing is 100% BPA free and you will not get plastic taste thanks to the stainless steel water tank that also helps prevent moulds so your water is very healthy, safe, pure, clean and tastes good (BPA or Bisphenol A is an organic synthetic compound used for solidifying plastics and may seep into water). It is NSF certified meaning it meets the strict standards set by NSF for public health safety and as an Energy Star rated product it will be easy on your electricity bills- cools and heats water using less energy than other water coolers.

NewAir WAT40W Pure Spring BPA Free Hot n Cold

You will not have to lift any heavy bottles and there won’t be any spillages with the bottom loading design since you won’t have to put the heavy 5 gallon bottle upside down and as the bottle is hidden underneath the hot and cold water dispenser and tray, it is not visible- looks better this way and also saves on space. You will just put the bottle in, attach the pump on top of the bottle and it will start pumping automatically. There are safety switches at the back for hot and cold water to also save on energy and for extra protection for when your kids are around and there is a child safety lock just on top of the red hot water faucet so your kids will not burn themselves by accident and the cold water is icy cold at 39 degrees. If you are getting luke warm water when you first set the unit up just go to the back of the cooler and see the hot and cold water switches as the instructions will tell you. It is easy to set up, very easy to use with user friendly controls, works quietly even when cooling or heating, with just a very subtle motor running noise. Newair is a well known and trustworthy brand for water coolers as they use great quality compressors that enable water cooling and heating very quickly and they are well built, sleek looking, solid, safe and dependable.

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