Nictemaw 5472 Full Automatic 1.66 cu.ft / 15.6lbs Capacity Compact Washer Spinner Review

Nictemaw 5472 Full Automatic 1.45 Cu.ft / 13.5Lb. Washer Spinner

Nictemaw Portable Washer 1.66 Cu.ft, 15.6Lbs Capacity Full-Automatic

Nictemaw 5472 is a fully automatic, compact and portable washer and spin dryer with a 1.66 cubic feet or 15.6lb. washing capacity and 310-watt power. You can use it in apartments, houses, RVs, dorms and wherever you want.

The average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars by 344 customers for both size options at the moment. It first appeared at on December 15, 2020 and is ranked in the top 25 best selling portable washers category. There are two size options of 13.5lbs and 15.6lbs with a 30-dollar price difference at the moment. It has 10 washing programs and 8 water level selections that you can select through the LED-backlit control panel. You will see the program/Delay, time set, water level/spin and child lock shown clearly on the panel.

The larger black and white Mictemaw Washer Spinner is lightweight- weighs 55 pounds with a 15.6lbs (7kg) load capacity and measures 21.26 x 21.26 x 35.43 inches. It doesn’t come with the wheels but it weighs just 55 pounds, so it is not that hard to carry around and you can put it on a movable base to help you with that. It is compact in size with a space saving design and lightweight for easy portability, but has a fairly large washing capacity of 15.6pounds in its honeycomb shaped 304 stainless steel inner tub. So you can wash and spin dry quite a few of your clothes.

You can set the washer timer between 0 and 15 mins and the spin timer between 0 and 5 mins. This compact washing machine has a transparent glass lid for you to monitor the washing without needing to open the lid. It comes with a stainless steel inner tub and built-in filter to get rid of the debris easily. It has the smart auto power off function when the cycle is completed. The water level and time can be adjusted through the LED-backlit smart control panel. You have the digital timer that shows the countdown or the remaining time. For adding water when the washing is in progress you press the Water Level/Spin button and un-press it for stopping.

With the auto imbalance adjustment function, it detects and fixes the imbalance problem automatically. This happens when you don’t put your laundries in the tub equally- you can get unwanted vibrations and unbalance. With its special interior design your clothes are protected and kept in good condition during the washing. It is Nictemaw Portable Washer 1.45 Cu.ft, 13.5Lbs Capacity Full-Automaticgood for washing small to normal loads like shirts, pajamas, jackets, t-shirts, towels, undies, trousers, overalls etc. or even a blanket.

Nictemaw Washer will save you effort, water usage and time with the sprinkling, water inlet, water flow and spin functions. It is friendly to the environment with a low energy consumption as well as less water and less detergent. In the package you’ll get a high quality hose, spill water drying cover, a power wire and the instruction manual with the portable mini washer. The portable washing machine is built to the North American electrical standards and can be plugged into the standard power outlets (110v / 60hz). You’ll get a warranty of two years, good customer service that you can contact in case of problems and 30-day money back guarantee.

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