Ninja CM371 Hot & Iced XL Coffee Maker with Rapid Cold Brew, 4 Brew Styles & 8 Sizes Review

Ninja CM371 Hot & Iced XL Coffee Maker with Rapid Cold Brew, 4 Brew Styles & 8 Sizes

Ninja CM371 Hot & Iced XL Coffee Maker with Rapid Cold Brew, 4 Brew Styles

With its sophisticated design, the Ninja CM371 Hot & Iced XL Coffee Maker with Rapid Cold Brew is perfect for a wide range of coffee preferences. There is a perfect cup for every occasion with this flexible coffee maker’s array of brewing techniques and sizes. With its sleek black design, it is an aesthetically beautiful and useful addition to your kitchen.

Key Features

A wide variety of brew styles, such as Cold Brew, Over Ice, Rich, and Classic, are available with the Ninja CM371. While the Rich setting produces a richer, more powerful coffee taste, the Classic option offers a more conventional coffee flavor. The Over Ice feature makes a strong iced coffee without diluting it, which is perfect for fans of iced coffee. For individuals who prefer a cool drink, the Cold Brew setting is a practical option since it produces smooth cold brew coffee in as little as 10 minutes.

This coffee maker is quite versatile because it comes in different brew sizes. It can brew a quarter, half, or full carafe in addition to a small cup and an XL travel mug. The Ninja CM371 has you covered, whether you’re making a big pot for guests or just a single cup for yourself, thanks to its selection of sizes.

Constructed mostly of glass and plastic, the Ninja CM371 weighs 9 pounds and measures 12.32″D x 9.13″W x 15.08″H. Its design prioritizes user ease. With 1550 watts of power, it is expected to deliver strong performance. With its removable water reservoir’s auto-metering feature that precisely detects the water level and removes guesswork from the brewing process, it’s simple to fill and clean.

The machine’s built-in permanent filter eliminates the need for replacing paper filters, saving money and the environment. In order to guarantee that they wake up to a fresh pot of coffee, users can also program their brew up to one day in advance using the 24-hour Delay Brew option. The machine produces consistently excellent coffee due to its thermal flavor extraction technique, which guarantees even saturation and precise temperature management.


Ninja CM371 Hot & Iced XL Coffee Maker with Rapid Cold Brew, 4 Brew Styles, 8 Sizes

Because of its thermal flavor extraction technique, the Ninja CM371 reliably brews coffee of the highest caliber. Customers claim that strong flavors are retained in both hot and iced coffee without any bitterness. The strong flavor of the rich brew option makes it very popular, and the cold brew feature is well-liked for its effectiveness and seamless output.

One of the coffee maker’s best qualities is how versatile it is. Because it can accommodate different serving sizes, it can be used by individuals as well as families. The auto-metering feature makes sure you always use the right amount of water, and the removable water reservoir makes refilling easier. The permanent filter is also economical and environmentally beneficial.

Customer Feedback

The majority of users express satisfaction with the Ninja CM371, praising both its superb coffee quality and ease of use. Even with decaf or less expensive coffee brands, many users like the deep, robust flavors it deliver. Many different types of households find it to be a favorite because of the variety of sizes and brewing options available. Furthermore, cleaning is made simple by the removable components, which include the reservoir and permanent filter.

Although most reviews are positive, some users have pointed out several things that may be done better. Due to their lack of prominence, the “Classic” and “Rich” buttons are frequently accidentally selected, especially in the morning. Furthermore, some customers find it inconvenient since the system loses its settings if the power is removed. A couple of customers complained that their coffee tasted plastic or that the carafe cracked, but these seem to be uncommon occurrences.


A highly flexible and user-friendly device, the Ninja CM371 Hot & Iced XL Coffee Maker with Rapid Cold Brew makes great coffee in a variety of sizes and types. Its cutting-edge features, which include a 24-hour delayed brew and thermal flavor extraction, satisfy demands for both quality and ease. For coffee aficionados, the overall performance and customer happiness outweigh the few small shortcomings, like button visibility and the requirement to reset after power outage. This machine can make coffee hot, iced, or cold, depending on your preference.

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