Ninja MC1101 Foodi 8-in-1 6.5 Qt. Everyday Possible Cooker Pro Review

Ninja MC1101 Foodi 8-in-1 6.5 Qt. Everyday Possible Cooker Pro

Ninja MC1101 Foodi Everyday Possible Cooker Pro, 8-in-1, 6.5 qt

The #1 new release in the Slow Cookers category on, the Ninja MC1101 Foodi Everyday Possible Cooker Pro, has stood out among a large number of slow and multi-cookers. This great 8-in-1 kitchen helper promises quicker, family-sized meals with adjustable temperature control and offers an innovative method of cooking by replacing ten kitchen items. To find out if it lives up to the hype, we will look at its features, functionality, and user experiences in this product review.

With a 6.5-quart capacity, the Ninja Foodi Everyday Possible Cooker Pro is an 8-in-1 kitchen appliance with a stylish design in midnight blue. With the dimensions of 12.8″D x 8.19″ W x 14.06″H, it is compact enough to fit on a countertop but offers a generous amount of cooking space. It is a flexible fit into any kitchen thanks to its touch-controlled operation and 1400 watts of power.

Versatility and Efficiency:

This modern cooker’s 8-in-1 capability is quite versatile and functional. It does everything from braising to searing, sautéing, slow cooking, and more without the need for ten other kitchen utensils. The capacity to combine multiple cooking techniques in a single pot reduces countertop clutter and saves time. Easily prepared mains and grains can be enjoyed simultaneously, with a 30% faster cooking time than with traditional methods.

Family-Sized Capacity:

The multifunctional cooker‘s very large 6.5-quart volume makes it ideal for weekly meal planning and feeding a big family—it can hold four 6-oz chicken breasts or a big 7-lb roast. Thanksgiving is one of the special occasions when this great cooker shines, as it can easily fit a 7-pound ham with plenty of room to spare.

Faster Cooking Times:

Ninja MC1101 Foodi Everyday Possible Cooker Pro, 8-in-1

The Ninja Foodi’s 50% quicker rice cooking time compared to conventional rice cookers is one of its best features. This time-saving feature also applies to various cooking techniques, offering efficiency without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Oven-to-Table Convenience:

Users may effortlessly go from cooking in the Foodi to completing dishes in the oven for a crispy finish thanks to the oven-safe pot’s amazing 500°F tolerance. Convenience is increased by the supplied rice spoon, which makes serving straight from the pot simple.

User Feedback:

The product’s claims are supported by positive consumer feedback. An experienced user praises the Ninja for its single-pan cooking, lightweight design, and ease of cleaning. An 8-hour pot roast yields outstanding results, as noted by another user. A reviewer does point out that the size is less than anticipated, though, and stresses the significance of double-checking the measurements prior to purchase.

Although the handle on top functions as a spoon support, some users are concerned about the uneven heating at the bottom during slow cooking. A user also feels that the price is a little expensive considering the versatility provided.


In summary, the Ninja MC1101 Foodi Everyday Possible Cooker Pro fulfills its claims of efficiency and variety. It takes the place of several kitchen appliances, enabling quicker cooking without sacrificing functionality. Although a couple of users have voiced minor problems, the overwhelming number of favorable reviews demonstrates how useful it is for regular cooking. At its current competitive price, the Ninja Foodi makes a strong argument for anyone looking for a multipurpose, compact kitchen appliance.

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