Nollapo 7D003 Mini Portable Semi-Automatic 10lb Washer Spinner for Baby Clothes Review

Nollapo 7D003 Mini Semi-Automatic 10lb Washing Machine

Nollapo 7D003 Mini Portable Semi-Automatic 10lb Capacity Washing Machine

White Nollapo 7D003 Mini Portable Washing Machine is a 2-in-1 washer and dryer with a 170-watt power (110V), designed for washing baby clothes or smaller items. It is a compact size semi-automatic washing machine with a 10-pound capacity in a single translucent tub and a timer control.

It appeared at very recently and has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars. This mini washer is ideal for use in small apartments for people that don’t wash large items much. Up to 6 adult shirts or 8 baby clothes or a set of bed sheets can fit in comfortably. You can put it in different parts of your house- in your bathroom, kitchen or balcony. It even has a spin cycle to offer you drier clothes, so you spend less time waiting for the clothes to dry.

You can use it by plugging it into any standard US outlets (110V, 60Hz). With the adjustable control times, the washing time can be set up to 15 minutes and the spinning to 3 minutes. You can view the washing process through the clear lid. It comes with the good quality intake hoses that you connect to a sink faucet to get water in effortlessly. So you don’t need to put water in manually or tip it over to remove the dirty washing water. It is quite easy to use this semi-automatic washer spinner. All you do is put some washing detergent in, set the timer and wait for it to do the job.

The auto rinse cycle will get rid of soap and your washed clothes will be free of any unwanted residues. It may also work for those with a larger washing machine and that like to wash certain items separately. Nollapo 7D003 Mini Washer is made of solid ABS plastic, weighs 17.6 pounds and measures 15.3 x 15.3 x 24.4 inches. The total washing capacity is 9.9 pounds to be Nollapo 7D003 Mini Portable Semi-Automatic 10lb Capacityexact, runs at a noise level of around 60 decibels and uses up 0.3kw_hours of energy. You can also use it when you go camping or in your RV. You don’t have to look for a laundromat or a coin operated machine and not spend a lot of money.

As an ecologically friendly washing machine it uses less water, soap and electricity as compared to larger appliances.You can also fit in larger items like two pairs of jeans or a small blanket. You can put it on a countertop to let it drain the dirty water easily or alternatively you can use the pump provided when you need to. The maximum spinning capacity is 4.4 pounds and please do not overload the spinning basket or use the spinning function for more than 3 minutes. You need to take out the drain basket during the washing and put it back in during the spinning. It gets a bit shaky and noisy when it is spinning, but much quieter during the washing. They have a friendly customer support that you can email and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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