NUVEDO Portable Countertop Compact Dishwasher with 6L Water Tank, 5 + 2 Programs, GSA-0984 Review

NUVEDO Countertop Compact Dishwasher, GSA-0984

NUVEDO Countertop Compact Dishwasher

NUVEDO GSA-0984 is  is a compact and portable countertop dishwashing appliance with the 5 wash + 2 dry programs, a built-in upgraded 6-liter water reservoir for use in small apartments, camping, boats and RVs, wherever you have a power outlet. 

Nuvedo Dishwasher has the two top and bottom spraying arms that rotate 360 degrees and turn your dirty dishes very clean. Please note that this mini dishwasher comes with an upgraded 6-Liter water reservoir as compared to the 5-Liter on other models and this will ensure improved washing results. You can customise your dishwashing depending on how dirty your dishes are, reducing the energy usage and saving on time. 

The 5 washing programs that you can select by the press of a button are Express (Rapid) for 40 mins without the extra fan drying, Normal at up to 157 degrees, Glass for delicate glass protection and Babycare at up to 162 degrees. And you have the two enhanced cycles of Auto-Open for getting rid of odour and moisture and UV LED for 360-degree all around sterilisation and to make sure there are no food particles left. And you can make use of and enjoy these 7 programs for a total washing experience. 

This compact dishwasher does not need any installation and you can just add water into the water tank manually with the container that you’ll get in the box. And there is a light sound that will let you know when the tank is full. After pouring water into the tank you can place the dishwasher anywhere you wantNUVEDO Portable Countertop Compact Dishwasher without needing to connect to a water source. You can also hook it up to the faucet with the included adapter and hose to hang from the kitchen faucet. And you do not need to fill the reservoir with water with the direct water supply. 

White Nuvedo Dishwasher measures 16.9D x 16.8W x 18.1H inches and is compact and convenient. It can hold up to 30+ items at ones including 4 x 10.5” size dinner plates, small plates, bowls, glass, cups, forks, knives and spoons. This economic countertop dishwasher performs better than many conventional dishwashers and has a larger interior than a traditional mini dishwasher. It has the strong heating elements and a built-in turbo fan to help get rid of moisture and the auto ventilation keeps your dishes dry and clean for up to 3 days. 

Your dishes are left clean and warm to the touch and without any detergent residues. It is very easy to use and you can view the whole process of dishwashing through the transparent window that opens at the end of each cycle. With up to 192 degree Fahrenheit internal temperature you get a very high level of hygiene. For security there is an overflow switch that detects and blocks any accidental leaking of water, keeping your kitchen clean. It was released very recently on on September 3, 2022 and is ranked the 15th best seller among the countertop dishwashers. Overall it appears to offer very good value for money.

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