NuWave PIC Titanium and NuWave Pressure Cooker Bundle Review

NuWave PIC Titanium & NuWave Pressure Cooker 

NuWave PIC Titanium and NuWave Pressure Cooker

This is a great bundle of two very popular NuWave products, the PIC Titanium and the SS Pressure Cooker at a very reasonable price. So the pressure cooker is very efficient and does the job in just a few minutes without needing any oil added. And the PIC Titanium provides an evenly hot surface very quickly with also power efficiency and by using not much energy at all- 70% less than the electric ranges and conventional gas. This is a very safe unit to use as the Titanium has the auto shut-off feature and no open flames and heats up just the cooker that comes with some decent built-in state-of-the-art security features. You will be able to serve healthy and tasty meals in just a few minutes.

They are both very good quality as they are built with great components and durable and designed to last a very long time. The cooker weighs 9.5 pounds and the PIC Titanium is 6.3lbs, so the bottom part and the pot are quite heavy. And the bundle is compact in size, both of them together occupy little space on the kitchen bench so you can have space for your other kitchen items. The commercial grade stainless steel cooker includes a 6.5 qt capacity pot and can be used on both the regular stovetops and obviously the PIC Titanium. It comes with 13 PSI and 7.3 PSI pressure level settings and can be used for cooking a variety of ingredients, including soups, rice, meat, poultry, fish, rice and more. And your dinner or lunch will be ready in just a few minutes with pressure built and trapped inside.

NuWave PIC Titanium and NuWave Pressure Cooker Bundle

The lid has a very special design and sits very tightly into the pot and is locked conveniently with the handle switch. There is an indicator on the handle that will tell you when the pressure is at a maximum level and needs to be released. And you just control pressure through the dial at the top. And there is a rubber seal underneath the cover. It looks very nice, has a solid and sturdy construction, performs very well, is simple to operate and doesn’t cost much. You can also use the cooker in the non-pressure format as a properly sealed saucepan, without pressing the handle switch. It works beautifully, cooking delicious meals (including very tender meats) with nutrition trapped inside, in only minutes and it is much safer than the older style traditional pressure cookers. And once you’re done the whole thing is quite easy to clean.

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