Oneconcept Ecowash Pico Portable Compact Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Oneconcept Ecowash Pico Compact Top Loading Washer

Oneconcept Ecowash Pico – Portable Washer

Oneconcept Ecowash Pico (‎MNW4-2500-EcoPicoB) is a compact portable top loading style washing machine with a 380-watt power motor, 7.7lb. (3.5kg) total washing capacity and 3spin cycle. You have three color options to choose from, of green, blue and black, currently at the same price.

Ecowash Pico Washer has the On/Off & Timer button / dial at the front and it is easy to operate. It will save you on both water and energy use as an energy efficient washer. This modern portable washing machine will replace washing by hand. It is both compact in size and lightweight, being made of solid and durable plastic, letting you carry it easily and take it with you when you go traveling or camping. You can fit it anywhere easily in your bathroom or in other parts of your house, dorm or RV.

This environmentally friendly small washing machine will save you on space, and you also do not need to worry about the amount of water you use or the electricity consumption. And you can wash all your small loads in it comfortably as you also have a single wash capacity of 3.5 kg or 7.7 pounds. The spin power is 1320rpm, which is quite decent. You can adjust the timer at the front between 0 and 10 minutes with the dial that you see at the front and for up to 3 minutes for the spinning.

Oneconcept Ecowash Pico – Portable Washing Machine

The vent pipe is fastened safely and you can turn it on or off through the control panel. There is a cable reel at the back and comes with the rubber feet underneath to keep it stable during the operation. OneConcept Ecowash Pico weighs 15.52 pounds and measures 13.7 x 17.3 inches, and the package is 21 x 17.25 x 17 inches. The supply hose is 0.6 x 44 inches, drain hose is 2 x 13.8 inches, and the cable is 53 inches long.

You can wash different types of clothes including the delicate items, cashmere, woolens, silks and knits. The clothes can be put in and removed very easily with the great top loading style. You get the water in with a bucket manually or through the tube provided. The way it works is it first turns your clothes clockwise and then does it counterclockwise. It works rather quietly without disturbing you or people in the house. It comes with a rear cable rewind, foldable carrying handle, non-slip rubber feet, fixed drain hose, supply hose and an instructions manual in English and German.

Please note that it doesn’t have the water heating function and will wash your clothes at the temperatrue of the water you put in. For spinning you put the small drum inside and then your wet clothes in and it will spin them at a high speed of 1320rpm. But this drum is a bit small and you may need to divide your washed laundry. June 4, 2021 is the date it was first available at and is currently ranked the 63rd best selling portable washing machine on the website. We think that it is great value for money at the low price point advertised and does the job well.

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