Panda PAN50SW Compact Fully Automatic 11lbs Washing Machine Review

Panda PAN70SWR Compact Automatic Washing Machine

Panda PAN70SWR Small Compact Portable Washing Machine

White Panda PAN70SWR is a third generation, mini, portable and automatic washing machine with an advanced design and features and a 2.1 cubic feet / 15 pounds of washing capacity which is pretty large for a compact and portable machine. It is also offered in two different sizes- 6.6 lbs capacity PAN30SW model and 11lbs capacity PAN50SW and with not big price differences.

So if you often have a lot of washing to do then you should consider one of the larger models depending on your space restrictions, but they are all portable models with the two built-in rollers at the rear. It comes with a transparent lid so you can see what’s happening during the process, a solid and durable stainless steel tub and a pulsator for weaker and stronger water flows. At the front you will see a variety of touchpad buttons with LED lights, such as Wash, Rinse, Spin, Large, Medium, Small, Delay (hr.), three water levels of Hot, Warm and Cold, Power, Start / Pause, Temperature, Program, Delay (Delay Start), Load Size and Function as well as the small LED display that shows the remaining time in minutes.

Panda PAN70SWR Small Compact Washing Machine

You have a total of six auto cycles of normal, air dry, jeans, cotton, anti-wrinkle and quick and a full cycle takes about 45 minutes. You’ll see the two inlet ports at the rear, one for hot and another for cold and you will get the drain and inlet hoses and the quick connect faucet adapter in the box and you can hook up the washing machine to a faucet by using them by following the instructions on the user manual included and the package comes with everything you need to set it up.

White Panda PAN70SWR Washing Machine is a stand-alone (free standing) unit with a modern design and a stainless steel build, weighs 85 pounds and measures 21.4 x 22.1 x 37 inches and with a 1.6 cubic feet capacity. It is suitable for a single person or a family as it can wash a fair amount of washing and runs relatively quietly (this is a washing machine so you can’t expect it to be totally silent), does the job very well with a good spin action as long you do not overload it. Although it includes the transport wheels underneath, one of the customers commented that it is not very easy to move, which doesn’t seem to be the case for other customers. It is designed to last a long time for many years even if you use it 3-4 times a week and will save you quite a bit of money if you’re paying to do your washing in a laundromat- will pay for itself very quickly.

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