Pelpo Adjustable FID Utility Weight Bench Review

Pelpo FID Utility Weight Bench

pelpo Utility Weight Bench

Black Pelpo Utility Weight Bench is an adjustable and foldable, solid and durable FID- flat, incline and decline resistance training bench for a total body workout in the comfort of your home. It is a number one new release among the adjustable resistance training benches at

There aren’t many customer reviews yet for this very recent (September 30, 2020) release fitness product. There are 4 adjustable seat positions, 7 adjustable backrest and 3 feet positions on this FID bench for your different workout needs. You just pull the adjustable knob and it will lock in the position you want easily. Pelpo Utility Weight Bench comes with the two resistance bands that you see in the product photo and you will get a better workout opportunity even when you don’t have the dumbbells yet.

It is a heavy-duty weight bench with a steel frame and a triangular mechanical structure. The total weight capacity is specified as 600 pounds and you’ll experience a stable and safe experience as long as  you don’t try and have a wild workout. Pelpo Weight Bench has the anti-slip adjustable feet that will prevent the frame from slipping or wobbling and you can feel totally safe and stable on this great weight bench. You’ll get it almost assembled at your address and you’ll only do the 5% of the work. The assembly is easy and you’ll get a clear installation guide in the box even if you have no experience with assembling things.

Pelpo Utility Weight Bench weighs 32 pounds and measures 60L x 15.7W x 17.7H inches as expanded and 35.4L x 15.7W x 9.8H inches as folded. You can easily fold it and relocate it easily and store it under your bed, in the closet or another convenient place. It is nicely padded with a 2-inch thick very dense foam for you to feel comfortable during your workout pelpo full body Utility Weight Benchsession. The backrest measures 31L x 11W inches and the unit has an ergonomic design overall. The height between the floor and the top of the seat is 17.7 inches.

Pelpo Utility Weight Bench has the good quality, anti-slip and durable PU leather and a nice carbon fiber cloth for a tactile and comfy feel. It is a good quality resistance training unit at a low price for what it is and comes with a decent 24 months of warranty by a company that seems to stand behind its products as well as a lifetime customer support. It works well as a beginner level strength training bench and at the advertised price point you can’t really have very high expectations of working out with very heavy weights. But overall it is a good weight bench that we’re happy to recommend.

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