Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive DJ Turntable Review

Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive DJ Turntable 


Pioneer DJ PLX-500 is a direct drive, plug and play DJ turntable for home users with a great audio design, integrated preamps- line in and line out, a USB output for digitizing vinyl, and phono/RCA jacks at an affordable price. The sound that comes out of the vinyl is amazing- it is warm, clear and organic analogue. No matter what type of music you wish to play- soul, latin, rap, rock, pop and r&b, there is a lot that is coming out on vinyl all the time. You may be familiar with the professional PLX-1000 model which is for serious users, offering serious stability unmatched by other brands or models and the sound quality is pretty good on this home model PLX-500 too and has the same layout, but without the ability to detach input and output. You can connect the turntable to your computer via the USB output and do digital recording easily- digitize your record collection. You can mix and scratch the vinyl record and use it to play your digital files by combining the Control Vinyl, a DJ mixer and the rekordbox dvs. It weighs 29.6 pounds and measures 18.3 x 22.2 x 11 inches, has a solid design of aluminum die-cast platter, is solid plastic on the top platter and includes a slipmat and you can choose one of the black (PLX-500-K) or white (PLX-500-W) options, to match the interior of your house. 


Pioneer DJ PLX-500 seems to be the ideal turntable if you wish to play the vinyl and listen to your favorite songs at home on a very cool looking, feeling and sounding unit. There is a sleeve stand in the dust cover so you can place your record covers “Cover Art Display” on display when playing the vinyl. You have the accurate sound playback and sturdy construction with the great vibration damping on this high-torque deck. With several configurations, you can connect to a mixer for DJ playback. It includes other accessories like the silver edition PC-HS01-S headshell with cartridge and stylus and a dust cover with jacket stand, adapter for EP record, power cord, USB cord and audio conversion cord. Sound distortion will be greatly reduced as the sound routing between the stylus and the outputs is very short. And you will not need an amplifier as you can connect it straight to your speakers or sound system via the phone/line output. If you choose to get the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack (a monthly subscription or an upfront one-off payment), by using the rekordbox DJ software, you can achieve low latency scratch control with the songs of the rekordbox. It is offered with direct drive operation and ready to scratch and is good for cueing. This modern turntable is suitable for both home use and DJing and the price is rather affordable even for casual DJs getting a pair of turntables, so with a single product, it is meeting the needs of different users.

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