POMT E420 Indoor Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

POMT E420 Indoor Elliptical Trainer

POMT Compact Elliptical Machine

POMT E420 is a compact indoor elliptical trainer with an LCD monitor, pulse rate reader, a large flywheel and magnetic resistance that is designed for home or office use. The color options are black or white with the same price tag at the moment.

It is a home gym equipment that works smoothly and quietly thanks to the magnetic flywheel. And you will not disturb the others in your house or neighbors downstairs. It will meet your cardiovascular and light strength training needs while offering you a fun experience at the same time. It is great that it gets different muscles of your upper and lower body as well as core section.

The sensitive digital LCD monitor helps you track your time exercised, current speed, distance traveled, calories burned and pulse rate via the sensors on the handlebars. And your cardiovascular fitness equipment can be more effective and you can stay in your target heart rate zone. You may adjust the magnetic resistance through the tension dial in the center with the initial value being the hardest and 7.5 levels available. It is easy to use and you can have an effective and challenging workout, as challenging as you want. Lower speed and higher resistance will help strengthen your muscles and low resistance with higher speed will me more like a cardio workout.

This compact elliptical trainer has an ergonomic design with the large textured anti-slip pedals and dual action anti-slip handles for you to have a safe and stable whole body workout. The large pedals measure 13.5 x 5 inches each and your feet are not likely to slip on their textured surfaces even during the hard workouts. It is solid and durable with a fairly solid steel frame for a maximum user weight capacity of 265 pounds. There is a water bottle holder in the middle and you can stay hydrated during your session without needing to mount and dismount the elliptical. The stabilizers underneath will help maintain the balance and there will not be any shaking or wobbling.

POMT Compact Elliptical Trainer

POMT Elliptical Trainer weighs 95 pounds and measures 38.5L x 20.5W x 61.5H inches and comes with the transport wheels to move it out of the way for easy storage in a convenient location. You can get a decent whole body cardio workout on this cross trainer. You just rotate the stabilizer to make this fitness equipment more stable on different grounds. 2 x AA batteries are needed for the LCD monitor. It does not have a foldable design and you would need to take it apart for easier storage. Please note that there is no incline option on this elliptical trainer.

The assembly is straightforward and you just tighten the screws when you turn them and there won’t be any noise as you use them. You just ensure there aren’t any missing parts and it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to put the pieces together. POMT E420 first became available at Amazon.com on November 11, 2020. It is a decent product for a total body workout at a reasonable price. The warranty offered is 1 year by the manufacturer and you can contact/email their customer service team if you encounter any problems and they shall get back to you within 24 hours (100% satisfaction guarantee). POMT has more than two decades of history in the fitness equipment industry. They offer good quality, professional level fitness machines at affordable prices.

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