Power Guidance Battle Rope 1.5″ Width Poly Dacron 30, 40, 50ft Length 

Power Guidance Battle Rope Poly Dacron 1.5″ Width 30/40/50ft Length 

POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope - 1.5 Width Poly Dacron 30:40:50ft Length Exercise Undulation Ropes

Power Guidance Battle Rope is 1.5 inches thick with three length options of 30, 40 and 50 feet. Whichever of the three you choose to get, these undulation ropes are made of hundred percent poly dacron for burning a lot of calories, strengthening and toning muscles and total body workout.

As a bonus, it comes with the battle rope anchor and the rope is covered with nylon sleeve so as to protect it from potential frictions. It also ensures it lasts much longer and will last you many long years to come, even if you use it every day for your daily workout. Poly Dacron is a mixture of PolyDac and PolyPro materials and happens to be heavy duty and much sturdier.

The grips are very much hand-friendly- it offers the better hands protection and grip with the 10” heat shrink grips and is designed to not fade easily. It has a three strand twisted design and if you are just starting out you’re better off going for the 30 feet long one. And if you’re at an intermediate or advanced level with rope training you can choose the longer 40 or 50 feet ropes as they will give you more challenge.

POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope - 1.5 Width Poly Dacron 30:40:50ft

It is a very good quality product that is very well made with a company that stands behind it and if for whatever reason you’re not happy you can contact them immediately. Rope training offers a very effective form of exercise- strength training and can be a lot of fun and there are quite a few instructional videos online if you’re new to it. You will start feeling the difference in no time.

People of all ages, gender or fitness level can use it comfortably. It offers quite a dynamic type of exercise, unlike static lifting and there are many ways you can use it, as you can drag, whip, slam, move in waves. You will feel the burn straight away on your lower body, abdominals and upper body. In the box, you will get the battle rope and the rope anchor. And the price seems right for what you’re getting- decent value for money.

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