Powertec Fitness WB-LLA16 Leg Lift Accessory, Black Review

Powertec Fitness Leg Lift Accessory, WB-LLA16

Powertec Fitness Leg Lift Accessory Black

Black Powertec Fitness WB-LLA16 is the hot new release, recently designed and manufactured solid leg lift accessory with a permanent security rod stopper and a bumper.

It weighs 22.9 pounds as a very well built heavy duty product and has the measurements of 24 x 19.8 x 17.5 inches. You can do hamstring curls and leg lifts with this brand new leg lift accessory that seems to be a very nice addition to your workbench. The maximum total weight load capacity is specified as 200 pounds.

Powertec WB-LLA16 offers a great deal of comfort for your legs and lets you enjoy a precise motion range. Being redesigned and reengineered it is currently one of the more popular leg lift accessories on the market. It fits nicely and works very well with the Powertec workbenches, Marcy Pro PM4400 model Leverage Home Multi Gym, among other brands and models.

It is shipped quickly via Amazon.com, there is not a lot to assemble and is easy to do so. It is a very useful kit for working on your hamstrings and quadriceps, and isolates your thighs beautifully. It is made with very good quality materials, is very solid and sturdy, has plenty of foam padding for comfort, has an ergonomic design and is offered at a good price.

Powertec WB-LLA16 Leg Lift Accessory

You may want to add the weights gradually as you progress. Put 50 pounds, then 100 pounds and see how it will challenge your leg workouts. It works rather smoothly and can hold quite a bit of weight, up to around 200 pounds.

Powertec makes some great quality products and this brand new leg attachment is no different. It will work especially nice for those that are short on space and can not have different fitness equipment in limited space. Service before and after the sale is reported to be pretty good, with the company offering great communication with quick response to their emails.

One small negative to point out is, one of the customers commented that the large bolt in the middle sticks out a little and if you’re not careful you can hit your knee. Powertec Leg Lift Accessory is designed for home and light commercial use. You are offered two years of warranty on the component parts like spring pins and bearing, one year on the grips, pads and other parts, and lifetime on the frame except for the paint finish. This is a very good value leg attachment with a few positive product reviews on different websites.

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