Premier Chocolate Refiner- Melanger PG 506 Review

Premier Chocolate Refiner – Melanger PG 506 via Amazon

Premier Chocolate Refiner - Melanger PG 506

Premier Chocolate Refiner is a high quality chocolate “melanger” with a modern and attractive design and a powerful motor to let you make decent chocolate from roasted chocolate nibs in the comfort of your home. It is actually promoted as the best tabletop chocolate making machine out there for smaller batches, considered as the work horse by many chocolate makers in different countries, built to be solid and durable as good quality internal and external components are used (more metal parts rather than plastic of other models). And it is designed to go very strong for years without causing you any major problems unlike many chocolate making machines that can break very easily if you are familiar with any of the compact chocolate making units at all, letting you make small batches of artisan chocolate in one go with a capacity of 1.5 liter drum and as much as 8 pounds of chocolate refining. This is a specifically designed melanger for chocolate and nut butter and roasted cocoa nibs will be turned to less than 30 microns- into smooth and refined chocolate easily and efficiently by using the traditional stone rollers in a relatively short period of time.

Premier Chocolate Refiner, Melanger

Premier Chocolate Refiner looks good in silver or stainless steel, weighs 22 pounds with the measurements of 9 x 9 x 14 inches, regular chocolate refiner is sold in 110V and 60Hz but it is also offered in 230V and 50Hz. Nuts you can grind include cashew, almond, hazelnut, pistachio, macadamia and the common peanuts to make beautiful nut butters.  This is not designed to be a standard wet grinder as its standard form but you can work around it by adding oil, butter etc. which you will need for making it flow around the grinder anyway (cocoa butter). It is very easy to set up when you get it shipped to your address via Amazon, is quite fun to use and experiment for the way you want your chocolate, depending on your taste and what you prefer.It is quite easy to clean but not in the dishwasher and is best cleaned when you do it when chocolate is still liquid; is suitable for constant and frequent use but more in home setting and if you need any assistance, maintenance or repairs, Premier offers great customer support- they are a great company that certainly stands behind their products.

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