Primo hTRIO Hot & Cold Water Dispenser and Single Serve Coffee Brewer Review

Primo hTRIO Hot & Cold Water Dispenser and Single Serve Coffee Brewer 

Primo hTRIO Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Primo hTRIO is a brand new release water cooler and dispenser for cold and hot water and a coffee and hot beverage brewer of a single cup of three sizes- 6, 8 and 10 ounces. It has a sleek and contemporary design, looks good in black and silver and is built very durable with the galvanised stainless steel.

This a K-cup compatible device and you can choose to use K-cup coffee or hot beverage pods of 6, 8 and 10 ounces. Or you can use your own coffee grounds if you have a specific preference, as a refillable cup is included. This is a water cooler with an easy and convenient bottom loading design so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting and there won’t be any spilling.

There is a light indicator that tells you when you are running out of water and it is time to change the bottle. It comes with quite a decent compressor so you can have as many glasses of icy cold water as you want and immediately. This will you save you storage space in your fridge as you won’t need to put bottles in the fridge. And you do not have to replace any filters.

You will also get piping hot water instantly so you don’t have to use your kettle or stove for hot water or wait for it. Hot water is hot enough to make hot beverages like tea, coffee or instant noodles or porridge. There is a child security feature with a two-step motion to prevent any potential burning accidents.

Primo hTRIO Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

With the advanced heating system it will heat the water very quickly up to 198 degrees Fahrenheit. And it includes a stainless steel resorvoir that is insulated properly to keep it at the optimal temperature. Anything that comes in contact with your water are free of BPA and this is inspected and certified by a third party lab.

This is a heavy-duty product that weighs 41 pounds and measures 43.5 x 12.2 x 14.2 inches. It will give you very hot or icy cold water or brew a hot beverage of your choice with just a touch of a button. In a way it combines three different kitchen appliances in a single space saving design.

It includes an integrated storage space for accommodating up to 20 K-cups. You can either put your coffee grounds into the reusable filter or insert the K-cup beverage of your choice, to make a hot cup of beverage. There is an LED nightlight, quick flow water dispensing through the spout and a single handed dispensing with the convenient smart paddle design.

This unit makes a decent cup of coffee and works as it promises but the coffee tray can take a bit of an effort to take out but you shall get used to it. Please note that the water temperature is not adjustable for the hot or the cold water. And we are not aware of a water dispenser unit that comes with this feature so far. This one offers pretty good value for money.

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