Redback E137C 40V Brushless Motor 16 Inch Deck Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Redback E137C Cordless Lawn Mower via Amazon

Redback E137C 40V Brushless Motor 16 Inch Deck Cordless Lawn Mower - With 6AH Battery,2ACharger

Redback E137C is a modern cordless lawn mower with a 16 inch deck, a powerful brushless motor and 40 volt lithium ion battery that offer high performance at all times with a 4000rpm rotating speed with no load (this specific one comes with a 2A charger and a 6AH battery). It has a nice ergonomic design with handles that are adjustable for height (single point adjustment for 5 positions) and comfy handle grips, a handle-mounted fuel gauge, 7 inch rear and 6 inch front wheels, a 40 litre capacity solid or flexible/soft sided grass catcher- full plastic bag and LED battery indicator that shows the capacity. You are given the option of getting it with the 4.0Ah plus 6.0Ah battery on the Amazon product page and can also be used with a 2Ah battery (there is also the 5A version charger) and any of the three will be good for your lawn mower. Black, red and silver Redback E137C looks good, weighs 34.4 pounds without the battery pack, cutting height is between 9.84 and 29.53 inches, width is 15 inches and the cutting path is the same as the width- 15 inches.

Redback E137C 40V Brushless Motor 16 Inch Deck Cordless Lawn Mower - With 6AH Battery and 2A Charger

The E137C cordless lawn mower is very easy to assemble- in less than five to ten minutes for most people, to use and handle and does the job quite well according to some recent reviews (although it has not been on the market very long- is a very recent release product) and you do not need to worry about gas or cords and is easy to store as the handle folds quickly to make it look and feel more compact overall. Redback Power is a pretty well known brand by Ningbo NGP Industry Co with a 15 years of history (they are based in Ningbo, China), which is the manufacturer and provider of OEM/ODM gas powered garden tools- especially the snow blowers and lawn mowers, that offers very good quality products at very reasonable prices direct from factory and you get decent customer support after the sale. The company designs and manufactures great quality gardening products for very well known brands around the world, particularly in Europe and Australia and they sell to more than 30 countries globally. And their new line of tools work on the new lithium ion battery technology and the performance is claimed to be on par with the commonly used gasoline powered units.

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