Redmond Multi Cooker RMC M4502A Review

Redmond RMC M4502A Multi Cooker 

Redmond Multi Cooker RMC M4502A

Redmond RMC M4502A is a stylish, easy to use and versatile multi cooking appliance with an 860 watt power (220-240 V) to cook, slow cook, bake, steam, saute, fry, bake and more and that lets you make meals in less time than normal. All you do is put your ingredients in the 5.25 quart capacity alloy bowl, press one of the buttons and let it do the job and includes a built-in smart microprocessor that ensures your food cooks properly and prevents overcooking or burning. It can easily replace a few cooking appliances like your oven, slow cooker, deep fryer and stove and save you some space on your bench. You have a total of 34 programs- 16 automatic programs that include bake, pasta, soup, vacuum, steam fish / veggies, meat, multicook meat / fish / veggies, oatmeal/grain, saute fish / meat / veggies and stew / chili and give you the freedom to make any dish and 18 manual programs for even more possibilities, minerals and vitamins will be maintained with the 3D heating technology. You’ll find a recipe book in English, French and Spanish of 100 recipes in the box that may help you out and the unit itself will save you a lot of time and effort so you can spend your time more outside the kitchen. There is a steam program to steam veggies, fish and other stuff in a healthier way, you can make pasta, soup, beverages, fried potatoes and chicken, bake cookies, cake and pastry, make bread, yoghurt, fondue and porridge, sterilise and pasteurise with the Redmond Multicooker.

Redmond Multi Cooker RMC M4502

As you can set the time between 5 minutes to 12 hours and temperature between 105 degrees to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, you can either cook from recipes or by using your creativity. You have the Time Delay (with two timers), Keep Warm that automatically activates after cooking and Reheat functions up to 24 hours, former for cooking whenever you wish and latter for keeping your meal warm till you are ready to serve and eat. A beep sound will tell you when your meal is cooked so you don’t have to monitor the cooking, waiting around for it. It includes certain security features such as the temperature and pressure control and the thermal insulated appliance that makes sure you don’t switch on the appliance without the bowl. Bowl is made of very good quality alloy and Du Pont non-stick ceramic coating both of which ensure even cooking and prevent from overcooking and they are not bad for your health and the unit is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe and you can simply wipe the exterior. It has a modern futuristic design with nice lines and curves, looks good in gold and black with silver control panel, weighs 13 pounds and measures 12 x 17 x 12 inches- is compact and doesn’t take up much space and will save you quite a bit of space by replacing a few cooking appliances anyway. Customers that own the product agree that it does the job well and your meals will turn out tasty with great texture, healthy and full of nutrients. In the package you will find the Multicooker with inner alloy bowl, deep fry basket, steam basket, stirring paddle, serving spoon, measuring cup, spoon/paddle holder, bowl extraction tongs, power cord, user manual, recipe book and warranty booklet (warranty is for 24 months).

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