Renatone 5.5lb. Mini Portable Single Tub Washing Machine w/ Spin Dryer, EP24895 Review 

Renatone 5.5lb. Mini Single Tub Washing Machine

Renatone 5.5lbs Mini Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

Renatone ‎EP24895 is a mini portable, 2-in-1 single tub clothes washing machine with a spin dryer, a drain hose and a cycle basket. The date this mini Renatone Washer first became available on March 31, 2021 and we don’t have many product reviews so far on the website.

Blue and white Renatone Mini Washer is made of PP plastic, weighs 11.02 pounds and has the dimensions of 16L x 14.57W x 22.63H inches. It has a convenient space saving design with its compact size and portability. This makes it ideal for use in small spaces, like apartments, dorms and camping. And you can move it around easily to a better spot or wherever you wish to use it.

It is rather easy to operate as you just put your clothes in, put water in the tub, adjust the time and then you can start washing your clothes. The way you put water in is you hook up the hose with the water inlet and open your faucet. You’ll get a drain tube in the box to let you drain the used, dirty water out of the washing tub easily. This 2-in-1 compact washing machine has the washer and spin dryer, with a 5.5 lb. washing capacity and a 1.2lb. spinning capacity.

The single tub washer has a timer that can be adjusted up to 10 minutes for the washer and 5 minutes for the spinner for your different needs. You can set the timer according to how dirty or soiled or the amount of your clothes. This mini washer is designed for your smaller items like socks, underwear, shirts, pillow covers, scarves, small towels and more. The washing machine and spin dryer can be used separately and you can spin yourRenatone 5.5lbs Mini Washing Machine Rotary Timer clothes after your washing. It comes with a water inlet, a drain hose, a rotary timer, a portable handle, a washing tub, a spin-dry tub and the rubber feet.

You can see the washing process in the tub through the blue transparent exterior, but it has a solid and stable structure. This mini washing machine uses much less electricity, water and soap than the larger washing machines. Being made of PP plastic it is not likely to rust or deform. It is a great little washing machine that is ideal for your smaller items that you need to wash on a daily basis. It works relatively quietly and doesn’t move around- sits stable on its rubber feet. With its 110V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency it can be plugged into the standard power outlets. In the box you’ll find the washing machine, a removable spin basket and a user manual.

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