Revolution InstaGLO R180B Smart Touchscreen 2-Slice Toaster Review

Revolution InstaGLO R180B Smart Touchscreen 2-Slice Toaster

Revolution InstaGLO R180B

Revolution InstaGLO R180B is a brand new release 2-slice touchscreen toaster with the smart controls that offers you nicely toasted breads very quickly, and melty and crispy sandwiches and quesadillas with the Panini mode when use with the Revolution Panini Press. You can purchase the toaster and the panini press as a bundle at a reduced price on 

December 9, 2021 is the date it was first available at and the current average customer rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars by 39 customers at the time of this short product review. The two color options are matte black with chrome front and all stainless steel and please check the price difference on Amazon. Please note that the electrical plug is designed for use in the US and you may need a converter or an adapter for using in different countries. And it is best that you check whether it is compatible in your destination prior to your purchase. 

With the InstaGLO technology, Revolution R180B toasts quicker than the well known premium toasters on the market. You will not need to wait much for your toast and there won’t be any need for double toasting. You won’t need to deal with the creaky levers or the dials that are often not easy to read. It offers tasty toasted breads without drying them and with more flavour and moisture kept inside than with the regular toasters. So you’ll get toast with a crunchy exterior and soft and tasty interior. With the two-tap unlocking function there won’t be toasting by accident. 

Revolution Smart Toaster looks sleek, modern and beautiful in the powdered matte black body and chrome trim. It is quite fun to use with the intuitive touch display, time countdown and the happy finishing alert. With the Panini mode on the control panel, you can use it with the Revolution Panini Press accessory that you can purchase separately or in a bundle that is offered on the Amazon product page. And you can make lovely melty and delicious quesadillas and sandwiches quickly and easily in the toaster. The toaster worksRevolution InstaGLO R180B Toaster with the waffles, bagels, artisan bread and pop tarts, other than the standard toast, with the 1.5-inch wide opening for the slices.  It has the Auto Lift & Lower smart mechanism to adjust the toast to the height you want and you’ll not need to grab it with a fork like you may in cheap toasters. 

Revolution InstaGLO Toaster is easy to clean and there is a smart reminder on the touch display that lets you know when you need to empty the crumbs with the easy-slide catch tray released easily with a simple push.When the toaster is in the sleep mode you can select the digital or analog clock display. You can see the toast time with the on-screen countdown and you’ll know when your toast is done with the happy finishing chime. It holds the UL certification as it meets the industry-wide safety and durability standards. There is just a lot of technology put into this toaster, it is quite fun to use and looks great on the kitchen counter. It is not cheap at all and if you’re on the market for a fancy toaster with the bells and whistles and can afford the higher price tag, this Revolution InstaGLO is a winner and will exceed your expectations. 

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