RovaEarth Commercial Ice Maker with 142lb. Daily Capacity, CIM480F Review

RovaEarth Commercial Ice Maker with 142lb. Capacity

RovaEarth Commercial Ice Maker

RovaEarth CIM480F is a modern, freestanding style, stainless steel commercial ice maker with a daily 142-pound ice production capacity, a 42lb. storage bin for use at home, in the office, coffee shops or bars. As an ETL certified ice making appliance it meets the safety standards.

With the ability to make 48 clear ice cubes (6*8 ice tray) in just 8 to 15 minutes with its powerful and efficient, upgraded compressor you can achieve 142 lbs in total per 24 hours. The auto LED-backlit control panel is upgraded for a more ergonomic design and ease of operation with its location at the front top. And you do not need to bend down when you’re adjusting the settings. There is a single button cleaning function that will get the trays and pipes clean and you get clean solid ice cubes without any unwanted smells. You have the On/Off Power button, Reservation/Timer function, Light control and the red LED-backlit display.

It is a fully automatic ice maker that is easy to operate and the whole ice production process and any malfunctioning is monitored. You can add water into this unit in two ways with its double water inlet design that lets you do it through a water bottle or by hooking up the tap water. It is quite convenient to use and offers you a bit of flexibility. It comes with a built-in water filter and will filter the tap water. You can remove the ice cubes easily once they’re done by viewing them clearly with the integrated blue LED light. The ice cube it makes measures 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches and the ice thickness is adjustable through the control panel.

RovaEarth CIM480F weighs 64.9 pounds and measures 18.1 x 15.7 x 30.5 inches. It would certainly make a nice addition to your bar or wherever you want to use it and will not look out of space with its sleek and modern design. The stainless steel cabinet makes it sturdy and durable for use for many years and there is the very dense polyurethane foam on both the door and the inner wall, which will help with better insulation and keeping the heat better. In case of a power cut your ice cubes will not really be affected by the outside temperature for about 5 to 8 hours and they can be saved as the external heat is successfully isolated. This commercial ice maker comes with a water supply hose, water supply connector, a water draining hose, a water drain pump and ice scoops.

RovaEarth Commercial Ice Maker 142lb.

It is important that you keep this commercial ice machine unplugged in an upright position for up to a day, like with any other compressor type coolers. You need to keep it away from direct sunlight or sources of heat like radiators and stoves and in a well ventilated spot with 4 inches of gap between the walls and the ice machine. And it shouldn’t be exposed to outdoor conditions of rain, wind etc. Please wash the sink, water reservoir and ice spoon properly with room temperature water and then drain it prior to first use of this machine. And please clean the water supply pipe and water filter net regularly and after being used for 360 hours or so.

Do not use the water in the water tank if it sat there unused for 96 hours +. The heat dissipation on this ice maker is through air circulation and you need at least 5 inches of space at the front for an easier heat dissipation. An indicator warning light will tell you when the ice bin is full and the machine will stop and once you remove the ice cubes it will restart making ice. It first became available on May 31, 2021. Please note that the power indicator will flicker when it is working and if it is just “On” the ice maker is in standby mode. This is another premium commercial ice maker by RovaEarth at an affordable price. You get a free trial for a month and a warranty of one year, a lifetime tech support and a customer service team that gets back to you with a solution within 24 hours. You’ll get replacement of parts that fail free of charge within the first year.

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