ROVRAK 12-inch 18 Bottle Stainless Steel Compressor Wine Cooler, WF-18A Review

ROVRAK 12-inch 18 Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Cooler, WF-18A

ROVRAK 12 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator 18 Bottle Capacity

ROVRAK 12-inch Wine Cooler (‎WF-18A) is an 18 bottle capacity, mini, single zone, stainless steel, frost free, low noise wine fridge with an efficient compressor and a digital temperature control between 41 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. With its beautiful modern design in stainless steel and front ventilation you can use it both as a built-in or freestanding/standalone cooler.

The 18 bottle capacity is for the standard 750ml size Bordeaux bottles. You have the option to purchase the three larger versions of this Rovrak Wine Cooler: 15-inch 32 bottle capacity and 24-inch 154 bottle capacity, and the dual zone 24-inch one with a capacity of 18 bottles and 57 cans. Please refer to the product page on Amazon for the current prices. The 18-bottle 58 liter capacity mini wine cooler first became available on November 10, 2021, is currently ranked as the 7th best selling wine cellar that is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the moment.

Stainless steel 12″ Rovrak Wine Cooler has a compact and space saving design, weighs 70.5 pounds and measures 11.61L x 22.64W x 34.26H inches and will look nice in any kitchen or dining area. It has a 75-watt power and with the 115V/60Hz voltage you can plug it into any regular power outlets in the US. The energy consumption is roughly estimated to be 109 kilowatt hours per annum. The pro grade cooler on this wine fridge cools faster and has a shorter recooling time as compared with the thermoelectric coolers. And you can expect up to 70-80% more efficiency. The noise level is specified as less than 40 decibels, and you shouldn’t hear much even when the compressor is doing the cycles.

And with the low vibrations the cooler feels more stable and the sediments in your wine bottles are not disturbed and the quality of wine is not affected. It has a stable, wide and precise temp control between 41 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. And the optimal storage temperature that you set it to is maintained in the thermostatic wine cabinet and well protected from the ambient temperature even during very hot days.ROVRAK 12 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator Stainless Steel 18 Bottle Capacity It comes with a children’s lock at the bottom for safer use and preventing intruders too. And you have the Power, Light Conversion (Fahrenheit/Celsius), Temperature Up and Down and Light buttons on the control panel.

You can turn the light on or off as you wish and if you hold the button for 3 seconds it will turn off in 10 mins. The soft blue LED light inside will let you see your bottles clearly and pick a bottle easily without having to open the door. The light-emitting diode- LED does not generate heat that could harm your wine. And the carbon filter in this wine fridge will help avoid the taste or aroma damage by odd smells and your bottles are kept in the optimal condition. The door is not reversible and can only be opened from the left to the right. And you can remove the racks if you wish to store your bottles vertically. It is a decent value wine cooler that is offered with a year of warranty and good customer service that you can contact with your questions or problems.

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