Samsung Mega-Capacity Laundry System Add-A-Wash Door and Gas Dryer, WF50K7500AW + DV50K7500GW Review

Samsung Mega-Capacity Laundry System Add-A-Wash Door and Gas Dryer, WF50K7500AW and DV50K7500GW

Samsung Mega Capacity Steam HE Front Load Laundry System with Innovative Add-A-Wash Door and GAS Dryer

Samsung (WF50K7500AW + DV50K7500GW) is a very large capacity complete laundry system, offered as a bundle of a front-load washer and a gas dryer. The laundry is the biggest 27 inch model in the washing machine industry with a 5 cubic feet capacity with steam plus a total of 14 preset cycles. The dryer is a 27 inch once with a 7.5 cubic feet capacity and includes steam cycles. The bigger capacity of the washer and dryer means you will be doing fewer loads than you normally would as you will get the chance to do more in one load. And this means a great saving on not just the time but the effort as well.

The washer has a very uniquely innovative design with the AddWash door that lets you put in the item you may have forgotten after the washing cycle has begun. And you do not have to do another cycle again. The PowerFoam feature maximizes the performance of the soap, letting it get into and clean the clothes much better. It uses a special mix of detergent, air, and water to be able to go very deep into the fabric.

The preset drying cycles include normal, eco normal, active wear, wool, air fluff, heavy duty, steam sanitize, steam refresh, steam wrinkle away, wool, time dry, quick dry, delicates and bedding. There is the Super Speed option on the washer that allows you to do your load in just half an hour- up to 50% more speed but definitely not lowering the washing quality. This information is based on the USDO and EPA listing with the DOE’s 7.5 loads per week average.

Samsung Mega Capacity Steam HE Front Load Laundry System with Innovative Add-A-Wash Door

The Samsung Laundry System comes with a WiFi functionality that lets you track and control both the dryer and the washer from a distance, basically wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. It tells you how much time is left, you will be notified when washer or dryer completes a cycle and schedule these cycles.

So you do not have to wait around at home for the laundry to be done. But as this is a gas dryer you can only monitor it and not control, due to security issues. To use this remote monitoring and control feature, you need to get a Smart Home Adapter separately. The Smart Home App is free on Google Play Store or App Store and works with iOS 7 and above and Android 4.0 and up. This app is optimized for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series of Samsung smartphones.

Steam function in the washer will ensure the stains are gone with the steam that is released from the bottom, without needing any treatments to the stains beforehand. Other innovative features include Self Clean+ to keep your washer free of harmful bacteria and dirt, Smart Care for direct customer support from your smartphone and VRT Plus for a much quieter operation. It is a good idea to run the “Self Clean” after around 40 cycles and each Self Clean can take around 4 hours.

To sum up, you have a huge capacity, very solid and durable, high-tech and innovative, easy to read control panel, AddWash door, power foam, runs very quietly, very little or zero vibrations but a little pricey and the smart app. The dryer does the drying much faster than other units. You can even see your clothes being dried in the dryer with the interior lighting and the control panel lights up nicely.

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