SHA CERLIN Industrial Metal Bed Frame with 4 XL Drawers Review

SHA CERLIN Industrial Metal Bed Frame

sha cerlin industrial metal bed frame

SHA CERLIN Industrial Metal Bed Frame with the 4 sliding XL size storage drawers is offered in queen and full sizes. It is a platform bed with a metal slat support and a good size storage space.

Sha Cerlin Metal Bed Frame has an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by 42 users at the moment. The price difference between the the queen size and full size frames is 30 dollars on the day of this post release. You will not need a box spring with this metal bed frame, the headboard is customizable and it is quite easy to assemble.

The queen size bed measures 80.3L x 61.4W x 11.8H inches and the total user weight capacity is 900 pounds on its solid frame and the suitable mattress is 8 to 12 inches. There is a 61L volume for each drawer as part of its big storage space. It has a lovely rustic style and clear lines and will fit different home decors nicely. It has a nice combination of metal frame 75% covered with a MDF board and this will add a nice and natural touch to your bedroom.

The 4 XL light drawers slide in and out and you can put your household items easily and the drawers are quickly removable. It has a low center of gravity design and the bed feels more sturdy and durable. And this robustness of the whole bed structure is enhanced by the heavy duty metal slats. It is a noise-free bed as the buckle structure will help stop any potential squeaky noise and the EVO material used will decrease any friction between the slats. The double protections will help you get a proper sleep.

sha cerlin industrial metal bed f

Sha Cerlin Metal Bed Frame is shipped quickly in a single box with the instructions and simple tools (a mini wrench and Allen wrenches) included via and the seller offers good customer support. You may need a hammer for the slats. You’ll put the pieces together easier in half an hour or so if you have a second person helping you out.

The date it became first available at is May 27, 2021. Please note that the mattress that you may see in the photos is not included in the box. If you wish to attach a headboard you’ll find the pre-drilled holes. The slats for this bed frame are not very large but you’ll get 13 of them with the middle one a bit larger than normal and you’ll get the extra foot support. Please also note that the headboard is not included with your purchase. The box it comes in is 103.5 pounds and the full size box is 95 pounds. You can also use it with a box spring but it will be much taller.

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