SHAPEFREEZER Body Sculpting Fat Cell Freezing System Review

SHAPEFREEZER Body Sculpting Fat Cell Freezing System

Shapefreezer Body Sculpting Fat Cell Freezing System

Shapefreezer is a hot new release weight and fat loss product that is offered as an interesting non-surgical alternative to liposuction- cryolipoisis fat cell releasing system that promises to freeze your unwanted fat cells and that lets your body handle the job of getting them out of your system. You can use it on different parts of your body, including the arms, back, love handles, hips, thighs and belly- basically any part of your body other than face. Results will depend on each person, their diet and healthy way of living and level of activity but on average you can expect losing up to twenty percent of your fat cells by applying once a day for a month, according to the manufacturer. It is quite simple to operate- can be used by anyone and in the comfort of their homes and there is no need to worry about the safety issues, it is quite safe to use. In the box you will get the Shapefreezer, the fat freezing accessories- nine protective pads and a healthy eating plan to help you achieve results faster.

Shapefreezer Fat Cell Freezing System

The fat loss and slimming effect are achieved by the unit using the cold temperature that can kill the adipose tissue. The lipolysis technology does not involve the tissues around the fat cells and there will be no discomfort to the user while you are slowly getting in shape. The pads are disposable very thin glycerin type and as they dry out just like the baby wipes they can’t really be reused and you need to get the replacement pads via Amazon .com or manufacturer website. You shouldn’t use it on the same area more than once a day but you can on different parts of your body- we can’t see why not. You do need to use the protective pads as the temperature will go below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. We can not guarantee you will lose any fat just by applying this unit on different parts of your body and the results may vary. It is best if you stick to a healthy diet and keep active to burn more calories. We don’t have the product on hand and the review is based on research on different websites.

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