Signature Fitness QuickLock 5-25Lb Adjustable Dumbbells, SF-AD25P Review

Signature Fitness QuickLock 5-25Lb Adjustable Dumbbells

Signature Fitness QuickLock 5-25Lb Adjustable Dumbbells

Black and red Signature Fitness SF-AD25P QuickLock is an adjustable dumbbell pair of 25 pounds each with the easy lever and plate design and a robust holding platform. The date it became first available is May 11, 2021 and it is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 4 customers at the time of this post release.

This adjustable pair of dumbbells is quite practical and functional and will save you on time of not needing to add more dumbbell plates to be able to change the level of difficulty of your workout. With its lever and plates with a unique design you can adjust it to the weight you want very easily and quickly. It will also save you on money for not needing to own different dumbbells and on space in your home gym area.

It will actually replace ten dumbbells (5 for each dumbbell) and offers great space efficiency. Each dumbbell has the five options of weight between 5 and 25 pounds and you can perform many different exercises to train your arms- biceps and triceps, back, chest, shoulders, core section- abdominals and legs. So it is quite a multifunctional, adjustable dumbbell set that allows you to adjust the workout intensity and difficulty.

The dumbbells come with the bases- a decent holding platform. The Quicklock lets you adjust the weights quickly saving you on time and effort. It is a very sturdy and durable weights product that is made of solid cast iron. The contoured rubber handlesSignature Fitness QuickLock 25Lb Adjustable Dumbbells on the dumbbells are comfortable and allow an easy grip. You can pick them up after setting them to low weights and use for warming up.

The package for this pair of adjustable dumbbells weighs 50 pounds and measures 14 x 10 x 8 inches. Please note that this adjustable dumbbell is shipped in a premium packaging for protecting it during the transit. It comes with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer covering you from any defects by the manufacturer for up to two years. You’re getting quite a nice fitness product that seems to offer good value for money. It is a good quality fitness product with a nice design.

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