SMETA SC-40-2 LP Gas Absorption Beverage Cooler – Personal Fridge Review

SMETA SC-40-2 LP Gas Absorption Beverage Cooler – Personal Fridge

SMETA Portable Absorption Refrigerator LP Gas SC-40-2

Smeta SC-40-2 is a generic LP gas absorption type (as well as AC110V and DC12V) compact refrigerator- beverage cooler with a 1.24 cubic feet capacity, by Smeta Electric Appliances. The temperature range is between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 10 degrees Celcius).

This black countertop style fridge with a solid plastic exterior weighs just under 40 pounds and measures only 15.83 x 17.72 x 22.05 inches. So it is rather small and is good for use in trucks, cars, dorm rooms, tabletops, boats and more. It is fine in bedrooms and living rooms as it runs very quietly without making any noise at all, due to the lack of compressor and any mechanical moving parts.

Smeta Fridge also doesn’t include any freon, which is is a harmful CFC that was commonly seen in older style fridges and air conditioners. It has the auto defrost functionality so you do not need to do any manual defrosting at regular intervals. There is no freezer on this unit, but three main fridge sections allocated by two solid plastic shelves, as well as the two beverage storage shelves inside the door.

SMETA Portable Absorption Refrigerator LP Gas

It is highly energy efficient and economical to run and will be easy on your wallet. The door hinge is reversible and you can choose to open it from the right or the left depending on your setup in your kitchen or wherever you’re using this compact fridge. The technicality of how an advanced gas absorption system cooler works is explained on the product page if you are interested.

The other functions include the rear mounting, two balconies, easy transportation due to lightweight and compact size, flame indicator and Piezo ignition- piezoelectricity, the electric charge which is accumulated in certain materials as a response to high pressure. You can use it when you are away from the power outlets, for instance, camping in the woods. It ignites well, works as described and the temperature seems to stay stable. You will get a warranty of six months by the distributor and you are promised a decent customer support with hundred percent satisfaction in case of any problems you may encounter.

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