Sonya Smart 4-in-1 Ceramic Electric Stew Pot SDZ-32EG Review

Sonya Smart 4-in-1 Ceramic Stew Pot, SDZ-32EG

Bonus Pack Sonya Smart 4 Ceramic Pot Electric Stew Pot SDZ-32EG 4-in-1

Sonya SDZ-32EG is a hot new release smart electric slow cooker with a 600 watt power (110V voltage/60HZ frequency) for making stews and soups. It is offered as a 4-in-1 bonus pack of a large 3.2L ceramic pot and with two 0.65L, a 0.45L pot or you can alternatively get the 1.2L pot version to roughly thirty dollars cheaper on the day of this review. The 4-in-1 unit offers bigger capacity with the ability to cook different items at the same time. The inner pots are very good quality ceramic and you place them in a stainless steel shell/base plate and you can monitor the cooking process clearly through the tough and transparent glass lid. This is an easy-to-use electric stew pot with multiple functions of soup making, slow cooking, steaming and warming. It is quite versatile and easy to use with 15 integrated pre-set programs you can make use of with the touch of a button on its large control panel that is easy to operate: Dessert, soup, stew, yogurt, rice, porridge, bird’s nest, ginseng, broth, bone soup, green beans and more and will keep the nutrition locked in the container with the water and steam not escaping.

Bonus Pack Sonya Smart Ceramic Pot Electric Stew Pot

You will get a buzzer warning when the container runs out of water and there is the built-in protection from overheating, so this cooker is safe and reliable to use. You have the ability to pre-set it 24 hours in advance, so you can keep it on when you’re at work or sleeping at night and you will have your meal ready when you get back home from work. The exterior is solid plastic with scald protection, the interior is stainless steel and you have the ceramic inner pots as part of the dual layer improved design. You will mainly be cooking in the ceramic pots but you can certainly use the stainless steel container directly, but you need to add water first into the plastic container. Red and white Sonya Electric Stew Pot is easy on the eyes with its pretty appearance and measures 13.25 x 11 x 10.5 inches. You can make healthy and tasty meals easily and conveniently without spending too much time or having great cooking abilities, you can simply set the cooker to make your breakfast or dinner for you and all you need to do is put the ingredients in with some water and press a button, the night before for breakfast or before leaving home for work for your dinner- soup, stew or whatever you fancy. You will get the main cooker, the stainless steel base, four pots, a ceramic steam rack, a Chinese recipe book and bilingual English and Chinese instructions along with one year warranty by the manufacturer.

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