SPT SD-1533 Stainless Interior Dish Dryer Review

Ivory SPT SD-1533 Stainless Interior Dish Dryer & Sanitizer

SPT SD-1533 Stainless Interior Dish Dryer and Sanitizer

SPT SD-1533 is a compact dish dryer with a large 53 liter capacity on two tiers, with a utensil tray at the bottom, that is all 304 stainless steel inside including the small utensil tray and racks unlike some other brand models with plastic racks and with a sleek and modern design. It is very easy to operate and is designed to dry your dishes fast and sterilize properly, maintaining sanitation, with hot air being distributed evenly (hot air auxiliary drying) and your dishes coming out warm and dry. You can view the drying process clearly through the airtight tempered glass door which is safe and secure, heat resistant and that blocks out the possible contaminants- pests and insects inside. There is the Timer / On button as well as time selection options for 10, 20, 40 and 80 minutes depending on what you’re drying on its two tiers of ample space for your silverware and dinnerware (these are microcomputer touch options). As an ETL certified product, it comes with certain security features like overheat protection and as a fail-safe unit it will shut off instantly when you open the tempered glass door.

SPT SD-1533 Stainless Interior Dish Dryer
Ivory color SPT SD-1533 weighs 23.3 pounds and measures 22.05 x 16.54 x 17.72 inches- not very lightweight as it feels heavy duty and has a compact design but is large inside and can hold quite a few dishes and cutlery as long as you know how to angle different items. It is a simple design product that does the job well- is a useful and convenient appliance to have, will make drying your dishes much easier with a 4-step touch timer, will keep flies, pests and bugs away, is more hygenic than drying dishes manually, will help organize your stuff and help end clutter as it also can accommodate quite a bit inside and is solid and great quality, made with decent components with all interior built with 304 stainless steel and should go strong for many years. If you are sick of drying dishes by hand all the time and getting hair on them, then this will certainly be a good small appliance to consider. It is a “Made in Taiwan” unit, not in China and is built according to North American- USA and Canada electrical standards (120V / 60Hz), comes with one year parts and labor warranty by the manufacturer in case you encounter any problems.

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