STHOUYN 21lb. Portable Washer Spinner Combo, YY428S Review

STHOUYN 21lb. Portable Washer Spinner Combo

STHOUYN Portable Washing Machine Washer Dryer Combo

STHOUYN Portable Washing Machine (‎YY428S) is a 21lb.capacity compact washer and dryer combo with the timer controls. It has the 14.4lb. capacity in the washer and 6.6 pounds in the spinner for a total of 21 pounds. You can use it comfortably in the smaller apartments, dorms, RVs, boats or camping.

It was first available at on November 11, 2021, is listed in the top 100 best selling washing machines and the average user rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 10 customers at the time of this post release. Your color options are blue and grey, currently with the same price tag. Sthouyn Washer Spinner weighs 30 pounds and measures 26.0 x 16.3 x 30.9 inches. There are 3 option cycles of Gentle, Normal and Drain. It offers powerful cleaning performance with a 300-watt washing and 250W spinning power in its twin tub design.

You’ll get a lint filter that you can put in the washer to collect any debris like lint, string etc. There is a drain tube that lets you get rid of the used dirty water easily. The washer and spinner can be used simultaneously on this machine. The good quality plastic exterior and body makes it lightweight at just 30 pounds and easy to move around and also rust-proof. Despite being lightweight and compact in size it has a large internal capacity of 21 pounds- 14.4lbs for washer and 6.6lbs for spinner. And it will meet the daily clothes washing needs of families.

The installation is very easy and you just need a faucet and drain and you can adjust and fasten the metal ring attached to the machine for connecting it to the faucet. The timer on the washer can be adjusted to 15 minutes and the spinner timer to 5 minutes each load. You can select the washing and spinning time that suit you and get the washer and spinner to run at the same time if you want. It sort of gives you a bitSTHOUYN Portable Washing Machine Washer Dryer Combo, 21lbs more freedom than a large standard washing machine with the preprogrammed settings. With the low power and water usage it will save you on both and will not be a burden on your energy or water bills.

The high performance motor offers a smooth and safe operation and is durable for lasting many long years. It also works quietly with the reduced fuselage noise and had passed the noise test before going out on the market and will not disturb you or people around you in the house or dorm etc. It is easy to operate as you simply put your clothes and detergent in, add some water, adjust the timer and start the washing. Please note that the spinner is a spin dryer and you will need to use a proper dryer or hang your clothes. You may contact the customer service team with any queries you may have. One of the customers received a defective unit which was replaced free of charge and told to dispose of the old one. And they are very happy with the level of customer service.

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