SUENO 24-inch 54 Bottles & 154 Cans Single Zone Beverage Wine Fridge, ZF-72 Review

SUENO 24″ 54 Bottles & 154 Cans Single Zone Beverage Wine Fridge, ZF-72

SUENO 24 Inch 54 Bottles & 154 Cans Beverage Wine Refrigerator Single Zone

The SUENO 24 Inch 54 Bottles & 154 Cans Beverage Wine Refrigerator puts simplicity and functionality first. Its 5.2 cubic-foot capacity is intended to offer plenty of room for storing wines and other drinks. Its many features, which include adjustable racks to suit varying bottle and can sizes, sophisticated digital control for temperature adjustments, and flexible installation options, are all part of its useful design. We will look at the main features of this fridge in this review.

Key Features:

  • The SUENO Beverage Wine Refrigerator’s contemporary French design is one of its most notable features. This not only gives any area a hint of elegance but also makes it the ideal partner for everyday use or special occasions.
  • The refrigerator’s capacity to be utilized as a freestanding appliance or as a built-in appliance highlights its flexibility. Its integration with current kitchen designs is further enhanced by the upper handle, which guarantees a unified and seamless appearance.
  • The refrigerator’s versatility is highlighted by its ability to be installed as a built-in unit or used as a freestanding appliance. The upper handle further enhances its integration with existing kitchen designs, ensuring a cohesive and seamless look.
  • The SUENO refrigerator’s intelligent computerized control is one of its standout features. Users may access a temperature range of 34°–64°F with a single touch, which creates the ideal setting for keeping red, white, and sparkling wines. The user experience is made simpler by its digital control technology, which enables accurate temperature adjustments.
  • The wine fridge has a stainless steel frame and a double-pane mirror glass door with UV protection. This design not only makes the refrigerator look better, but it also has the useful function of protecting the interior from damaging UV light. This function is essential to maintaining your wines’ quality over time.
  • The interior of the refrigerator has adjustable racks that accommodate various bottle and can sizes, making effective use of the available space. This versatility is a great advantage for people who collect a variety of beverages.
  • With its quiet operation, the SUENO refrigerator creates a comfortable atmosphere without interfering with your everyday routine. An intelligent innovation that enhances usability is low-noise operation.
  • The SUENO refrigerator has an easily accessible security lock for privacy and protection, providing comfort to individuals who want to protect their personal antique collection.
  • The appliance is made more useful and aesthetically pleasing by the addition of LED inside lights. In addition to making it simple to find your preferred beverages, the refrigerator’s subtle blue lighting adds to its elegant appeal.

Technical Details:

SUENO 24 Inch 54 Bottles & 154 Cans Beverage Wine Refrigerator Single Zone Features

Technical specifications reveal that the SUENO Beverage Wine Refrigerator is a model ZFA-72, 108 pounds in weight, and 23″D x 23.54″W x 34.2″H in size. Its 5.2 cubic feet of capacity and 0.52 kilowatt hours of annual energy usage go hand in hand. The refrigerator has an ETL certification and runs at 115 volts. It has stainless steel door material, reversible door hinges, and automatic defrost.

Customer Feedback:

Users have given the SUENO 24 Inch Beverage Wine Refrigerator positive ratings; they especially like how elegant and modern-looking its sleek design is, giving their spaces a little more flair. One standout feature is how flexible the built-in and freestanding installation options are, enabling users to easily incorporate the refrigerator into their current kitchen designs. The smart digital control system has received positive feedback from customers since it makes it easy to change the temperature within the required range. Some users have also discovered that the refrigerator is a flexible option, using it to store a variety of drinks in a bar fridge. It’s important to note, though, that some customers have expressed worries about any problems that could occur during shipping.


  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Versatile Installation Options
  • Smart Digital Control
  • UV-Protected Glass
  • Adjustable Racks
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Security Lock
  • LED Interior Lighting


  • Minor Damages During Shipping


In summary, for those looking for a beverage storage solution that harmoniously combines design and functionality, the SUENO 24 Inch Beverage Wine Refrigerator stands out as a premium option. For wine connoisseurs and beverage aficionados alike, the SUENO refrigerator proves to be a reliable and aesthetically pleasing appliance because to its amazing features, roomy size, and great customer feedback. The general view is that the SUENO refrigerator performs well and looks good, so even with possible delivery issues, it’s still a good buy for anyone who want to improve the way they store their beverages.

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