svhwe 7 Cu.Ft., Compact Chest Freezer with Basket Review

svhwe 7 Cu.Ft., Compact Chest Freezer

svhwe Chest Freezer - 7 Cu Ft

svhwe 7.0 is a 7 cubic feet capacity, stainless steel, compact, energy efficient and quiet chest deep freezer with an R600a refrigerant, a hanging wire storage basket, an adjustable mechanical thermostat, embossed aluminum lining and corrosion resistant materials. The average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the moment.

White Svhwe 7.0 Deep Chest Freezer weighs 79 pounds and measures 37.4W x 22.2D x 33.3H inches. The door opens from the top and you have a basket on the right hand side. This freestanding freezer is compact on the outside and spacious inside with a 7 cubic feet capacity. It freezes your items quickly with the surrounding freezing pipes and making little noise. It preserves the heat well with the thick layer and insulation and you’ll be able to put your items and keep them fresh. It is suitable for use in apartment and house kitchens, garages, dorms and office.

You can use it for storing your meat, cold beverages, aquatic products, milk and ice cream for freezing quickly and other reasons. The adjustable thermostat on the outside has 7 gears to adjust for a temperature range of -11.2 and 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit, between 0 for stopping the cooler and 7 the coldest temperature. This top door opening freezer comes with a balanced hinge style door and you can keep it open between the angles of 45 and 90 degrees. You don’t need to hold the freezer door by hand when you need to get some items out and it is nice to be able to use it hands-free.

svhwe Chest Freezer - 7 Cu Ft Adjustable Thermostat

The R600a compressor is very efficient, using little energy and cooling and freezing quickly. It will save you on your energy bills, using just around 0.68 kilowatt-hour power each day for an annual consumption of 249 kilowatt hours annually. It can keep it at the low temperature for up to 48 hours when there is a power cut. With the two transport wheels at the rear to move and relocate it easily and two adjustable leveling legs at the front among other features like the keeping it open at an angle, it has a convenient user-friendly design.

Svhwe 7.0 Deep Chest Freezer weighs 79 pounds and measures ‎37.4 x 22.2 x 33.3 inches. The hanging wire basket is given to you free of charge. You can put your small items that you want to access easily in this basket and it is easy to slide. It has an easy access defrost drain and the interior of this fridge is easy to clean. With the 115V (AC) of voltage it can be plugged into any regular US power outlets. It holds the CSA and UL certifications and meets the safety and performance standards. It first became available on August 4, 2021 on and is ranked the 22nd best selling chest freezer. You’re recommended to read the user manual for the instructions prior to first use.

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