TACKLIFE 3.1 cu. ft. Mini Fridge Freezer, HPBFR310 Review

TACKLIFE 3.1 cu. ft. Mini Fridge Freezer, HPBFR310

Tacklife 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Compact Fridge Freezer

TACKLIFE HPBFR310 is a 3.1 cubic feet capacity, mini fridge freezer with two doors and LED light inside for use in kitchens, bedrooms, dorm rooms, offices, RVs or wherever you see fit.

This brand new release fridge freezer has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 3 users at the moment. It weighs 49.5 pounds and measures 19W x 20.5D x 33.5H inches for a 3.1 cu. ft. capacity. This modern mini fridge has a classic design with a nice black exterior and looks nice overall. With the black color it will not look out of space wherever you put it and will match the decor nicely wherever you put it.

You have a 2.2 cubic feet capacity in the fridge section for fresh food like fruits, veggies, eggs and drinks. And you can use the 0.9 cu. ft. freezer for your frozen foods, ice cream or ice cubes. You have quite a bit of space inside in both the fridge and the freezer sections, despite its small exterior. As an Energy Star compliant, energy-efficient fridge it consumes only 0.88 kWh a day and for approximately 38 dollars a year. There is a thermostat knob that you can adjust between 1 and 7 (the coldest) for a temperature range of 33.8-46.4°F for the fridge and -0.4°F for the freezer.

Both sections work well as they should with the freezer keeping the ice and other items solid frozen. You can put your vegetables and fruits in the crisper drawer at the bottom and keep them fresh. There is a special spot for your canned drinks on the door and you can also use it for your other small items. It runs quietly at a noise Tacklife 3.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Mini Fridge level of 42 decibels which you’ll get when the fridge is doing the cycles. And these will happen less frequently if you do not leave the fridge door open too often.

The voltage is specified as 120V and the fridge will work with the standard US power outlets. It works efficiently, cools quickly and evenly without leaving any warm spots. The interior of this fridge will get cool very quickly after you plug it in and will maintain the heat nicely. It has the leveling legs to keep it even on different floors or surfaces to avoid additional unwanted noise. You can be certain that you’re getting a great quality fridge freezer with the cutting edge cooling technology as the TackLife fridges are tested and inspected thoroughly before going out on the market. You can email the company’s customer support team at support@tacklife.net in case of quality or other issues.

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