TaoTronics 6-Quart 1750W Air Fryer Oven w/ Touch Control Panel Review

TaoTronics 6-Quart 1750W Air Fryer Oven

TaoTronics Air Fryer, Large 6 Quart

2020 brand new release TaoTronics 6-Quart Air Fryer is a large capacity, family size cooking appliance with a 1750-watt power motor, digital white LED-backlit touch control panel with 11 preset programs/menus. You will get 50 great recipes for baking, reheating, roasting and air frying.

TaoTronics 6-Quart Air Fryer has an impressive average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars by 135 very happy users. You can fry your ingredients without needing any oil or very little oil and maintain the same crispy texture and taste of the deep fried. It has a non-stick frying basket and pan combo that is easy to clean. This nice combination of pan and frying basket will separate the ingredients from oil and fat dripping down.

Very hot air is circulated around your ingredients with the 360-degree convection system and the 1750-watt power (120V, 60Hz) motor and fan for an even and strong heating. The user-friendly automatic shut-off function is activated when the air fryer stops cooking with the timer ending. You can also remove the frying pan if you want to check your meal during the cooking process. The air fryer will stop automatically when the pan is not inside and it will restart where it left off when you place it back inside.

11 preset menus on the control panel have the temperature and time settings through the TaoTemp technology for great delicious results with your veggies, chicken, fish, red meat etc. You can also use the 50 recipes in the cookbook that you’ll get in the box. A whole chicken that will feed up to 5-6 people can easily fit into the 6-quart frying basket. You have a deep container and there is enough space between the heating tubes and your ingredients. You can remove the metal frying basket from the pan easily and rinse and put both the pan and the basket in the dishwasher.

TaoTronics Air Fryer, Large 6 Quart 1750W

Instead of submerging in hot oil, hot air circulation is used to cook the ingredients quickly and evenly. For example, honey-sriracha wings are cooked at 380℉ in 35 mins, Cajun-style shrimp at 370℉ in 8 mins, muffin breakfast sandwich at 320℉ in 12 mins and chocolate souffle at 330℉ in 23 mins. It is safe to cook in the TaoTronics Air Fryer with the metal frying pan and basket, a premium PP material shell that is resistant to heat and a basket handle that is cool to touch.

TaoTrnoics 6-quart Air Fryer weighs 18.36 pounds and measures 17.2 x 16.05 x 16.05 inches. The 7-inch touchscreen control panel with an ergonomic design is tilted at a 13-degree angle and is easy to understand and operate. The temperature can be adjusted between 150 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit (65-200°C) and the cooking time between 5 and 60 mins. The noise level is less than 60 decibels during the normal cooking and you won’t really get disturbed by the noise as it also doesn’t need to work for a long time like a normal oven or stovetop. In the package you’ll get the TaoTronics 6-quart Air Fryer, a user manual, a quick start guide and a recipe book. And overall you’re getting decent value for the dollar at the current price point.

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