The Least Serviced Most Reliable Kitchen Appliance Brands

Best Kitchen Appliances- The Least Fixed / Most Reliable Appliance Brands

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On this page, you will find our top picks for kitchen appliances brands- the most reliable, the most functional and the least serviced. This will be a general list as each major brand has products that are superior to others in one way or another and the consumer should do a research before purchasing an appliance, check out the customer reviews, the best sellers, and hot new releases lists on You will find many different styles and designs, to meet specific and more general cooking, blending, juicing, grinding, dehydrating, ice making, water cooling and more. Some appliances are easier to use, some do the job faster, some have more power, some will last longer, some have more features, some are more versatile etc. We will not include the very popular but not so reliable brands on this list and here are our top 10 for the year end of 2016:

Cuisinart is a prestigious American brand by the Conair Group with an annual turnover of more than 2 billion dollars in more than 80 countries globally. Most people are aware of their food processors (and a food processor was the first Conair model) but Cuisinart covers the kitchen very well with other high-quality products, including bakeware, cookware, coffee and espresso makers, slow cookers, rice cookers, stand mixers, juice extractors and more. Cuisinart also offers plenty of information to their customers on how to use a product and food preparation / recipes, online, offline and through other means. 

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KitchenAid is our number two brand on the list, and owned by the American Whirlpool Corporation with almost a century of history in home appliances market, which started with stand mixers in 1919- actually the iconic KitchenAid Stand Mixer in 1919, followed by the dishwashers as the second product line 30 years later. They also have a great variety of products under three major categories of major appliances, countertop appliances and kitchenware and some 38 different sub-groups. They are still best known for their stand mixers, though, with the classic KitchenAid design you all would be familiar with.

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General Electric- GE Appliances was part of the massive American conglomerate, General Electric, and was acquired by the world’s number 1 appliances brand Haier in June 2016 and they focus more on larger kitchen appliances like cookers, dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters, water dispensers, water filtration systems, refrigerators, freezers and more. You will find the best of design, production, and service from one of the best appliances brand in the world. So the acquisitions will not change anything and you will still be buying the same GE Appliances with the same service and warranty obligations.

Bosch is German and is widely recognized as Europe’s leading appliance brand that has been in the home appliances market for about 125 years and they offer uncompromising quality, great reliability, technical edge and innovative European design, flexibility, speed, power and high performance. Bosch products are often aesthetically pleasing, are energy efficient while being very powerful with durable motors, include the best quality components and come with great hygiene and health benefits. You have the best of quality and European style when you purchase a Bosch brand appliance.

Other favorites of ours for the year 2016 include 5.De’Longhi, 6.Frigidaire, 7.Breville, 8.Whirlpool, 9.Le Creuset, 10.Panasonic, and 11.Sunbeam.

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