thermomate 15, 18 & 28 Bottle Freestanding Compressor Wine Coolers with Auto Defrost, FWRC115N2 Review

thermomate 15-Bottle, 18-Bottle, 28-Bottle Single Zone Compressor Wine Coolers

thermomate 15 Bottle Wine Cooler

thermomate 15 Bottle Wine Cooler (FWRC115N2) is a sleek and modern, compressor type, single zone wine fridge with a freestanding or standalone design in all black. It has the auto defrost function, works quietly and at a temperature range between 41 degrees and 64 degrees Fahrenheit for storing your white, red and sparkling wine bottles.

You have three size options to choose from on the product page, 15 bottles, 18 bottles (FWRC118N2) and 28 bottles (FWRC128N2). The 15-bottle capacity fridge weighs 40 pounds, measures 13.58L x 17.72W x 27.17H inches for a 1.55 cubic feet capacity, 18 bottle version weighs 43 pounds with the dimensions of 13.58L x 17.72W x 30.31H inches for a 1.76 cu.ft. capacity and the 28-bottle one weighs 50 pounds with the dimensions of 16.93L x 17.72W x 33.07H inches for 2.62 cubic feet capacity.

Please refer to the Amazon product page for the price differences. All of these three are single door wine fridges and they look nice in all black with smooth finish. They have the efficient modern compressors, good quality components and adjustable feet. So they work quietly, at a low noise level and without much of vibrations. They come with the wire shelves with the chrome plating that slide out easily. And there is a gentle UV free LED light inside. The double paned glass door with the airtight sealing stop the heat and 99% of the harmful ultraviolet lights with the UV light filter.

thermomate 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Fridge

They are good for both short and long term storage purposes with their advanced compressors, double pane glass doors with the airtight sealing, precise temp control and UV-free interior lighting. Very little heat is emitted from the LED light which stays cool and will not affect the wine cooler temperature. There won’t be fluctuations in the temperature, wine degradation or accommulation of moisture.

With the auto defrost function you won’t see any ice build-up and you don’t need to bother with defrosting the cooling unit on your own. The metal racks with chrome plating are solid and durable and look good. They have a standalone design for use in home kitchens, bars or dining rooms. These wine coolers come with a year of limited warranty that includes a 30-day return policy, as well as the customer service for the lifetime. It is nice to own one of these wine coolers for your precious wine bottles that need the optimal humidity and the consistent temperatures that are warmer than the food or beverage refrigerators.These are ETL listed fridges that are safe to use.

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