Tiktun Portable Mini Washing Laundry Machine XPB40-1218A & ‎XPB30-1288S  Review 

Tiktun Portable Mini Washing Laundry Machine

Tiktun Portable Mini Washing XPB40-1218A

Tiktun XPB40-1218A is a mini portable laundry washing machine with a solid and durable structure of ABS & PP plastic. This single tub model is in black & brown and the twin tub version is offered in 3 different color options of white & brown, white & dark blue or white & sky blue.

There is a single 5-star rating at the moment for this October 18, 2021 release appliance. The single tub Tiktun Washer weighs 12 pounds and measures 15 x 14 x 26 inches and the twin tub model is 19 pounds and 22 x 15 x 23 inches. With their compact sizes and space saving designs they will not take up much room in your bathroom. It can be used in small spaces like dorms, mobile homes, RVs, in small apartment and anywhere space is limited.

It is an automatic powerful mini washing machine with a timer that will let you preset the washing time and you can multitask as well by the washing and spinning tubs of the washer working together at the same time. With the timer control, the single tub washer has the 10-minute wash function and 5-minute spin function. But the washer and spinner can work simultaneously. It is good enough for washing your smaller items like pillow covers, socks, undies, baby’s clothes and more.

Tiktun Portable Mini Washing XPB40

You can use it just for washing your underwear to prevent the possibility of any cross infection. You will not have to wash your clothes by hand or take it to laundry every single time, which can be costly. One of the tubs in the twin tub washing machine is a 7-pound capacity for washing and the second one has a 4-pound capacity for spin drying. You can use both at the same time and multitask efficiently. You will set the time separately for the washer and the dryer.

Please note that this mini washer dryer combo works with the 220V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency. You can use it effortlessly and save on energy. The washer section will drain the water out but mainly through the gravity drainage tube. It has a convenient top knob design for easy operation and you will get a detailed instruction manual. You’ll need to watch the water levels as the tub is filled because it will not stop by itself. It is made of solid ABS and PP materials for longer use. The washing power is 240 watts and the spinning power is 120 watts. Both the single tub and the twin tub models seem to offer good value for money.

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