U Water Cooler Bottle Rack Review

U Water Cooler Bottle Rack (4 Bottle, Black)


U Water Cooler is a solid and functional water cooler bottle rack with a 4 bottle capacity and a patented modular design. You also have the two bottle with shelf, 3 bottle and 3 bottle with shelf options, and this particular one is in black but we can see white, green, silver and blue as well on photos. It is suitable for holding both the 5 gallon (18.9 litre) and 3 gallon (11 litre) bottles. Modular design is basically an indication of very easy assembly, without needing any tools and also indicates a stronger and more stable unit thanks to the unique construction of racks being attached to one another. Please do not try and put more than 4 water bottles vertically as this may be bad for security reasons but you can do so horizontally- side by side. It will save you quite a bit of space in your home or office kitchen as the whole unit measures only 13.2 x 14 x 45.5 inches as assembled (with a shipping weight of 10 pounds) without the bottles and one of these racks measures 13.2 x 14 x 12.6 inches. The bottles that you see on photos are not included in the package and are just for illustrating how they look as stacked up on the bottle rack.


The water cooler bottle rack is by Birando and is shipped rather fast via Amazon, unassembled but super easy to put together in just a few minutes thanks to its modular design and with individual racks attaching on top of each other. Product reviews on different websites are mostly positive and we see a few happy customers. It seems to offer a great and easy way to consolidate your water cooler bottles in a small area and they will be well organised and easy to retrieve when you want to place them on your water cooler and you have the advantage of putting the racks side by side and at different positions, again thanks to the modular construction and you can always bolt the sections for even more stability. You can get as many racks as you wish if you will have many bottles lying around on the floor (things getting out of control) and by getting with the shelves, you can just place your compact water dispenser, kettle, cups, tea and coffee bags or whatever you want on them. It is a solid and sturdy unit that doesn’t wobble- the racks sit nicely on top of each other, is lightweight but able to hold a lot of weight- a few heavy bottles, has an ergonomic design, is great fit for small spaces, is very easy to set up and works as promised. The only con we can see is the price tag as it is not very cheap but you’re really getting what you pay for.

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