Upstreman 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Double Door Fridge with Freezer, SD321 Review

Upstreman 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Double Door Fridge Freezer

Upstreman 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Double Door Fridge Freezer

Upstreman SD321 is a compact, 3.2 cubic feet capacity double door stainless steel mini refrigerator with freezer with the Energy Star rating for low energy consumption, low noise operation, adjustable thermostat for use in apartment and office kitchens, dorms, bedrooms and wherever you want.

Upstreman Mini Fridge weighs 50.7 pounds and has the dimensions of 19.7L x 17.9W x 34.1H inches. It comes with two shelves in the refrigerator section. With the 115V of voltage you may plug it into any standard US power outlets. This is not an auto defrost type fridge but a manual defrost one and you may need to do the defrosting every few months, when needed. In the box you’ll find the Upstreman Fridge, a crisper drawer, two removable shelves, a defrost tool and an ice tray.

It comes with the 5 temperature settings on the adjustable thermostat dial for adjusting the temperature between 33.8 and 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 8 degrees Celsius). You have a decent variable cooling condition for your foods and beverages, dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables. The freezer temperature is optimally set at -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-18° C). And the interior light will turn on each time you open the door, which you will need more at night. It will maintain the taste, texture and quality of your frozen foods and there will not be much of energy consumption.

The Upstreman Mini Fridge Freezer has a compact size, a robust shiny stainless steel exterior. And you can fit it in your office, small home kitchen, dorm room and bedroom as it takes up very little space and also works rather quietly. The 3.2 cubic feet size is allocated as 2.2 cu.ft. for the fridge cooler section and the 1 cu.ft. freezer section, which is a good allocation and combination for use as a personalUpstreman 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Double Door Fridge Interior cooling appliance. By choosing a smaller fridge such as this one, your electricity consumption will also be lower than a very large fridge.

0.8 kWh per day is the estimated energy use and you have the high cooling performance at a low cost. The doors are conveniently reversible and you can choose to open the door from the left or the right to fit in the limited space you may have or depending on your personal preferences. And with the adjustable legs underneath it will stand firm and balanced on uneven grounds and can be used on the balcony, garage or wherever you want. With the RoHS, DOE and ETL certifications it holds, you can expect good quality, durability and safe operation. The customer service team will be happy to help you with any problems you can have.

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