Vilivit Non-Contact Auto-Sensing Touchless 1000ml Hand Sanitizer, HW-A, HW-B Review

Vilivit Non-Contact Auto-Sensing 1000ml Hand Sanitizer

Vilivit HW-B (and HW-A) is a 1000ml capacity non-contact, touchless hand sanitizer with an automatic sensor for dispensing soap and alcohol. As a hand washing induction mist spray unit it uses two methods of dripping and spraying.

It dispenses soap, shampoo, conditioner and hand sanitizer easily and hygienically without any touching involved. It is very easy to set up and once you put the 1000ml soap or sanitizer you can use it for a long time unless it is a very busy bathroom. There will be no waste or mess on your countertop or floor thanks to its non-drip design.

With the auto constant spray feature it will deliver a single spray every three seconds and will stop on its own after 9 sprays, when it is under a sensitive area. There won’t be any wasting of soap or disinfectant thanks to its innovative design. You can lock the lid and mount the dispenser on a wall easily, meaning it is both easy and safe to use. It works by a DC adaptor (voltage of 6v, 1a) or a 4 x C batteries, which you will not get included in the box. It even has a LED indicator light for an easy operation.

White Vilivit Hand Sanitizer measures 10.22L x 4.91W x 4.32H inches (26 x 12.5 x 11cm) and does not occupy much space. You can use this touchless hand sanitizer in a variety of settings in kitchens and bathrooms of homes, offices, hotels, schools, cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee bars and wherever you want. The non touch hand Vilivit Non-Contact Auto-Sensing Touchless 1000ml Hand Sanitizersanitizer is designed to turn the liquid- soap, hand sanitizer or alcohol into a fine spray (nebulize). And by delivering a dosage of spray it lets you disinfect your hands quickly and easily. 1000ml soap or disinfectant can be used for about 1300 times on average.

There will be no cross contamination thanks to its touch-less design that offers you the ideal hand hygiene. In the box you’ll get the auto-sensing hand sanitizer machine and two screw stickers. The DC power supply or 4 no.2 dry batteries can be plugged in or put through the right side that you can see in the photos. It is made of solid ABS plastic and has the electrical components inside. It has a very small, high efficiency motor with a shock absorbing structure and movable sliding block technology. With no holing installation it will not leave any marks on your wall when disassembled. The HW-A model is about ten dollars cheaper at the time of this post release.

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