VINERIE Commercial 100lb. Daily Capacity Ice Maker Review

VINERIE Commercial 100lb. Capacity Ice Maker

vinerie commercial ice maker

VINERIE Commercial Ice Maker is a sleek and modern, robust and durable, heavy duty, stainless steel ice making machine with automatic operation for a daily 100 pounds of clear cube ice making capacity, 33lb. ice storage, auto turn on/off with self cleaning mode and LED-backlit control panel. It is ideal for use in both houses and food and beverage businesses with high daily ice cube needs.

It holds the ETL certification and meets the established safety standards with its parts and components tested. It is a powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly ice making machine with the power saving feature. The cyclopentane foam layer offers great insulation and helps isolate the heat from outside for saving on energy use and the ice cubes will not melt easily in the well insulated ice holding portion. But you need to transfer the ice cubes to a freezer after a while.

This powerful commercial grade ice maker makes 45 pieces of clear ice cubes in each cycle which takes 11 to 20 minutes for a total of 100 pounds within 24 hours. You can set the auto turn on/off easily and the clear ice cubes will be ready for whenever you need them. It is very easy to clean with the self-cleaning mode without much effort on your side. You’ll get the accessories you need for installing this solid ice maker, like the water supply connector, 9.1 feet supply hose, 6.6 feet draining hose and an ice shovel and it is easy to install. You’ll just plug the hose without needing any extra steps.

It works very quietly and the only noise you’ll probably hear is when it is dropping the ice cubes into the bin only when it is empty. The machine stops automatically when the ice bin is filled up and there won’t be any overflowing. The voltage on this ice making machine is 110 Volts and you may plug it into regular US power outlets. The quality of ice it makes is very good and you canVinerie Ice Machine 100LB adjust the thickness through the control panel. You add water through a water line that you connect to this ice maker and draining is by gravity- not pumped out.

Vinerie Commercial Ice Maker measures 24.75H x 13.75W x 13.5D inches and can be used both as a built-in or free standing unit. It is produced by the US based Vinerie that offers great customer support after the sale. If you get a damaged item please take the photos upon delivery and send them to the seller through your order page. And you should be able to receive a brand new ice maker soon. November 22,2021 is the date it first became available at Amazon and is currently in the top 100 best selling ice makers on the website. Overall it seems to be quite good value for the dollar.

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