Vremi Super Power Stainless Steel Body Professional Blender 1400w Review

Vremi Super Power 1400W Pro Blender 1400w via Amazon

Vremi Super Power Stainless Steel Body Professional Blender 1400w

Vremi Super Power is a sleek and powerful “chef standard” professional blender that offers high performance with a 1400 watt power motor (120V and 60Hz) and five stainless steel blades, that is versatile with plenty of multitasking, with a stainless steel body and a budget price. It includes a very large 2 liter pitcher that you can have purees, sauces, soups, smoothies, dips, milkshakes and other stuff in, a user friendly vertical design with ounce indicators on the transparent pitcher (but starts at 14 ounces and with increments of 7), an ice feeder for milkshakes and drinks and the measuring cup right inside the lid will help you avoid mess in the kitchen. It has a BPA-free jar (anything that comes in contact with ingredients is BPA-free), looks clean, modern and smart in silver and all stainless steel- matte brushed metal look, weighs 12.4 pounds and measures 15.3 x 12.4 x 9.6 inches (base is heavy stainless steel) and being a more vertical unit it has a smaller footprint and looks like something you may want to have on your kitchen counter permanently as it will also blend nicely into your kitchen decor. It comes with a total of 5 high end stainless steel blades for smoother, better and more efficient results and has a suction-fit rubber lid and anti-slip rubber feet for extra stability during blending.

Vremi 1400w Super Power Stainless Steel Body Professional Blender

Vremi Pro Blender is simple to operate, with a dial at the front for speed control and three buttons underneath: P for Pulse function (for the highest speed but you need to hold it pressed or it will stop), second button with three ice cubes is for Crusher (brief and strong bursts of blending) and the third one with drink or smoothie picture is for blending smoothly (with speed going up gradually for a total of three minutes then it will stop). Try and put the liquid ingredients in before the solid ingredients if you want better and more consistent texture and with frozen stuff, try and let them thaw a little first (or do it in a microwave) and then break them into smaller pieces. It can’t make hot soup like some very expensive blenders as it doesn’t have that heating up feature but you can certainly make great smoothies of a variety of different ingredients, including the greens with no visible bits left after blending. It is easy enough to clean as the plastic pitcher is large enough with a large base that lets you take out the thicker stuff after blending and is simple to wash. Reviews are quite positive: 4.6 out of 5 stars as of today on Amazon.com and people seem to be comparing this to much more expensive models: Similar features, functionality and power without the price tag. Warranty included is 12 months by the manufacturer and you will get decent customer support in case of any issues or questions you may have.

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