Whynter IDC-221SC Countertop Direct Connection Ice Maker and Water Dispenser Review

Whynter IDC-221SC Countertop Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

Whynter IDC-221SC Countertop Direct Connection Ice Making Unit

Whynter IDC-221SC is a countertop style one cubic foot capacity compact 2-in-1 ice making and water dispensing unit with the non-stop supply of water and ice at your service conveniently thanks to the direct connection (to the water line) function. It is suitable for use in the United States and Canada with 120 Volts of voltage.

Metallic silver Whynter is made of solid plastic and has a smooth finish. It is installed as a freestanding- standalone design with venting on the right-hand side, weighs 21 pounds and measures 14.2 x 10 x 14.2 inches. So it will take up a little bit of vertical space despite being a countertop unit but is still good for small kitchens at home or office. It makes bullet-shaped ice cubes and has a decent capacity of 26 pounds in a day. This is equal to 9 ice cubes every 8 to 9 minutes. It has an ice storage capacity of 1.32 pounds and a water tank of 2 liter capacity for manual use.

Whynter IDC-221SC Countertop Ice Maker

There is draining port that is easy to access for when you want to clear out, clean and store the unit. But normally you do not need to do any draining as the ice cubes melt, the water is automatically reused. There is no filter inside the unit, so please use the filtered bottled water or get the inline filter installed for the water line. You can be sure that most things come from China these days. You’ll get bullet shaped ice and it gives you the option to select the size: Small and Large as you can see on the LCD-backlit control panel with the digital indicators and buttons (Timer, Select, On/Off, Water and Ice).

You can use the water in the reservoir as either at room-temperature or cold by just pressing a button. The cold water comes from the melting ice. The direct water connection to your water line with the hose provided is an optional function but great to have, for a constant supply of water and ice. Or you can simply add the water in yourself manually. It doesn’t require much maintenance in general and is easy to clean once in a while. You can always get information, help or support from their customer service team on weekdays between 8.30am and 4.30pm. As an Energy Star certified product, it will be easy on your energy bills and save you some money (it is also ETL listed for North American standards of security). This is a made in China product like most small appliances and you should not think of it as an indication of its quality.

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