Wine Racks America Ponderosa Pine 5 Column 8 Row Display Top Kit Review

Wine Racks America Ponderosa Pine 5 Column 8 Row Wine Rack


Wine Racks America Ponderosa Pine is a 5 Column and 8 Row wine rack with a display top, that can accommodate a total of 40 wine bottles. There is the unstained model and a total of 13 stains to choose from, including black stain, black stain + satin finish, burgundy stain, burgundy stain + satin finish, cherry stain, cherry stain + satin finish, oak, oak stain + satin finish, satin finish, walnut stain, walnut stain + satin finish, white wash stain, white wash stain + satin finish, with varying price tags. And please check when you order as some of them will be delivered immediately, while some others within two to three weeks. It is built to the standards of the wine cellar industry, measures 36.25 x 21.625 x 10.5 inches, with 7 rows flat and the top row at a 30-degree angle where you should put your five of your favourite wines and this top row can accommodate bottles with up to 3 3/8 inch diameter. This can comfortably have all the 750ml bottles on it without problems and you may want to look at other models (bin style, cube rack) by Wine Racks if you have larger bottles.


This Ponderosa Pine wine rack is suitable for both domestic – home and commercial use to store and display your precious wines. Just as a little advice on which model or colour to choose from, you can have a look through different ones on the Amazon product page. If you will be using this rack in a not visible part of your house then get the unstained and if you will be using it in your living room etc., just choose one of the stained racks as they are a lot more attractive to look at. The wine racks can’t be stacked, because of the top display row but it is quite convenient to use. You can use it as a standalone wine rack unit or just as part of a larger wine cellar. These are great quality “Made in the USA” wine cellars with a decent lifetime warranty backup and also a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product for whatever reason. As you can imagine it is not shipped assembled and will require only some minor assembly, and you can get to the clear instructions / the assembly guide on the product page on Any Wine Racks America product you purchase will match up nicely with the others of the company so you can easily make your own seamless cellar with whichever product of theirs, you want.

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