WONDERMILL Grain Mill Grinder Bundle with Small Grains and Bean Attachments Combo Review

WONDERMILL Grain Mill Grinder Bundle

WONDERMILL - Bundle - Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder

WONDERMILL Grain Mill Grinder is a versatile and powerful electric appliance with a 1250W LG motor for processing healthy grains and that comes with the small grains and large bean adapter combo. It would be a great appliance to own by the health enthusiasts or those that like the home made bread with very fine flours.

The average user rating is a decent 4.8 out of 5 stars by 11 customers at the time of this post release. This solid, heavy duty electric grain grinder has a tough and durable construction (built to last) and has the capacity to grind more than 100 pounds of flour in an hour without overloading. Many mills on the market are not able to handle small grains like millet, quinoa, coarse salt table and tapioca for making non-gluten products. With the different attachments it also works as a corn, rice, wheat, bean, small grains, weed and brewery grinder unlike some of the flour mills on the market.

It works relatively  quietly without making too much noise and you don’t get any mess during or after the grinding as the cycle-canister and the filtration tube catch all the ground flour in this enclosed compartment. The 1250W power LG motor on this grain mill grinder allows it to work quicker than a lot of the grain mills on the market. Please note that although the Wondermill can grind all the different types of grains, it can not be used for wet or oily grains or nuts. You have the three knob settings of coarse setting for a rough texture, bread setting for baking bread and pastry setting for very fine flour like what you can buy at the store.

WONDERMILL - Bundle - Grain Mill Grinder

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans can be hard to process by many grain mills. But with the bean adapter that you get with Wondermill you can have gluten-free chickpea flour easily without blocking the hopper. You’ll be able to feed the small grains slowly into the grain mill hopper to not clog the motor. Small grains like quinoa, millet, tapioca pearls, teff, amaranth, coarse salt and more are turned into flour easily with this mill grinder. And it also stops the grains from moving up and out of the hopper that has an 8-cup capacity. It doesn’t have any complicated switches or settings and only has 5 BPA-free parts.

You can run it for up to 10 hours, making a few kgs of flour and it will not overheat easily. With its very strong micronizing milling chamber and stainless steel fins, the healthy nutrients are maintained in the flour you make. Wondermill is quite easy to clean as all the parts are disassembled easily and can be put in the dishwasher or cleaned manually. Wondermill has a history of more than two decades and it is a company that stands behind its products. This mill grinder is offered with a limited lifetime warranty and holds the safety and quality certifications or meets the requirements of CE- European Union, CSA- Canada and UL- USA. December 15, 2020 is the date Wondermill Grain Mill Grinder was first available and is ranked the 8th best seller among the grain mills. 

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