Yellow Merax Folding Magnetic Rower with 46″ Slide Rail, MS194970BAA Review

Merax Folding Magnetic Rower with 46″ Slide Rail

Merax Folding Magnetic Rower

Yellow Merax MS194970BAA is an indoor foldable magnetic rower with a 46″ slide rail, an LCD-backlit performance monitor and a 330-pound user weight capacity. It was released only recently on September 30, 2020 and there is not a user review or rating yet at

Merax Rower offers a great whole body workout with the 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust easily through the tension knob in the center. You’ll be targeting your triceps, biceps, forearms, shoulders, thighs, legs, back and more with this great modern rower. It lets you do a great low impact workout that won’t be any burden on your joints, knees or ankles.

With a smooth and quiet glide rowing experience it will keep a comfy momentum for you to row longer thanks to its very quiet magnetic flywheel and the seat railing at the optimal angle for the best results. And you have the right amount of resistance control for how much challenge you want. It has a solid and durable construction of a heavy duty commercial grade steel frame that can hold up to 330 pounds of total user weight. You can hold the foam handle with a 17″ wide grip and feel comfortable during your rowing sessions.

The large contoured cushion seat measures 12.8 x 10.4 inches and will glide smoothly on the 46-inch long slide rail. And it is good for use by people of different heights. It has the large footplates that measure 12.2 x 4.3 inches each with the adjustable straps to keep them safe during your rowing session. These are pivoting footplates for a larger range of motion. Merax Folding Rowing Machine weighs 65 pounds and measures 80.5 x 18.7 x 10.2 inches as assembled and 46.9 x 18.7 x 57 inches as folded. You can lift it from one side and push or pull it on its 4 wheels for storage in a convenient corner or in your closet.

Merax Rower doesn’t occupy a lot of space and you can get it out of your way after folding it. The LCD-backlit display has the count, total count, calories burned, distance traveled, stroke and time exercised for you to monitor your progress in real time. It rows very quietly and smoothly by holding its 17-inch wide handlebar and you can listen to music or watch videos Merax Folding Magnetic Rowing Machinewithout getting disturbed when you’re rowing. 4 steps of rowing are explained in detail and how to row properly on the Amazon product page: Catch, Drive, Finish and Recovery.

You can have an effective cardiovascular exercise on this compact rower with a sturdy frame. Rowing gets your different muscles engaged without putting any stress on your joints. It has an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable over your longer rowing sessions, with the foam padded anti-slip handles and the contoured wide seat with the adjustable foot straps. It is quick and easy to assemble by following the user-friendly instructions in the manual. And you can ask any questions you have to the customer service team. With its good quality construction you can use it for many long years to come as long as you don’t treat it very badly.

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