York Barbell 32031 International Bi-Tri-Trap Bar with Rubber Grips Review

York Barbell 32031 International Bi-Tri-Trap Bar

York Barbell 32031 Int'L. Bi-Tri-Trap Bar with Rubber Grips

York Barbell 32031 International is a bi-tri-trap bar with the solid and durable rubber grips. It has an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 20 users on the day of this post release. It is designed for helping you hit different muscles of your body as a versatile bar with the sleeves that rotate smoothly and the robust rubber grips.

York Barbell 32031 weighs 25 pounds and measures 36.5 x 3 x 3 inches. It is fairly compact but you can get quite a few workouts out of it as long as you get creative with them. You can use it for upright rows, hammer curls, reverse curls, pullovers, bent-over rows and shrugs, although the grip is a bit narrow for the shrugs. You may be better off with the heavy plates or dumbbells for the shrugs.

With the upright rows, the grip angle of the bar is better than doing it on a straight bar. With the deadlifts you may want to use a straight bar as this bir-tri-trap bar will not be ideal or comfy for deadlifts. Other exercises you can perform on this bar include the military presses, tricep extensions, close grip chest presses. Bent over rows and curls are fine on this bar, but you will have a wider range of motion with the dumbbells. It can easily be used as an ab roller by just putting some 10-pound plates on both sides.

York makes some great quality, sturdy and durable, premium, high-end fitness equipment. The ends of this bar will not come off- they can’t be removed and the sleeves rotate quite nicely. You can use the standard Olmpic plates with a 2-inch (52mm) diameter on this York bi-tri-trap bar. And Olympic collars will be needed for securing the plates. You can use the cheap clips for the lighter weight plates and expensive clamps for the heavier weights. Lock-jaw collars work perfectly fine on this bar and others.

The plates and the collars are not included in the package and you can get them via Amazon.com with your purchase. The bar may be heavier than what you may expect by looking at its photo. The quality is very good, it is very well made with a great balance and with the sturdy rubber grips. You will get heaps more versatility than a standard tricep bar or a straight bar. York 32031 Bi-Tri-Trap Bar is a great quality resistance training product with great attention to detail, a unique design and appears to be very much worth the price.

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