ZENOVA Multi-Function Power Tower Dip Stands Workout Station Review

ZENOVA Power Tower Multi-Function Station

Zenova Multi-function Power Tower

Zenova Multi-Function Power Station is a very sturdy and durable fitness workout station with a heavy-duty H shaped steel tube frame that gives plenty of support for the whole unit. It will feel safe and stable with the large anti-skid feet on its H-shaped frame.

The maximum total user weigt capacity is 330 pounds. The black and yellow Zenova Multi-Function weighs 52.9 pounds and measures 47.2L x 30.7 W x (61-96.5)H inches as assembled. Wide parallel bars and the multi-hand grips are there for your different workout needs.

It is a versatile multi-functional station that lets you do push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, vertical knee raises and more. Zenova Multi-Function Power Tower is suitable for your by kids and adults of different ages- the young and the elderly, at different fitness levels from beginner to advanced. The height can be conveniently adjusted to 11 levels between a range of 61 to 96.5 inches for your different needs. It is quite easy to put together and disassemble with the tools and instructions you need to follow.

It has a very robust and durable construction, made of an oblate reinforced steel frame. And it is easy to step up and down, especially for the elderly. The large and strong H-shaped base measures 30.7 x 47.2 inches. You can Zenova Multi-function Power Tower Dip Station work on your shoulder, chest, back, bicep, tricep, leg, buttock and arm muscles by using your own body weight on this unit. You can just dedicate ten to fifteen minutes per day to tone and strengthen your different muscles.

Zenova Multi-Function offers good value for money and if you wish to pay a bit more, you may want to check out the two other Zenova models via the Amazon.com product page. The Zenova Maulti-Function, like all the other Zenova products, comes with a year of warranty by the company. And they have a friendly customer support team that is happy to help in case of any problems you may encounter, if you just email or call them.

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