Zokop 10.4lb. Twin Tub Washing Machine with Spinner Review

Zokop 10.4lb. Twin Tub Washing Machine

zokop 10.4lb. washing machine

Zokop 10.4lb. Twin Tub Washing Machine is a 1300rpm speed, semi-automatic, compact and portable appliance that functions as washer and spinner with the two separate tubs. It is a mini laundry washing machine for use in small apartments, dorms, condos, college rooms, RVs, camping, motor homes and more.

It first became available on April 11, 2021 and is one of the better selling portable washing machines at Amazon.com with the customer satisfaction score is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 13 users at the moment. Dark blue and white Zokop Washer weighs just over 22 pounds and measures 21.85L x 14.76W x23.23H inches. With a maximum spin speed of 1300rpm it washes your clothes efficiently. You can wash and spin dry your dirty clothes in the semi-automatic washing machine’s twin tubs. And these tubs can be used at the same time, so you can wash and spin simultaneously.

10.4 pounds of capacity is 6.6 pounds for the washer and 3.8 pounds for the spinner. It is made of stainless steel, PP and solid plastic and stainless steel washing dewatering cylinder ensures proper cleaning and your clothes will not get damaged by the washer or spinner. You can wash quite a bit of clothes at once in its 6.6-pound capacity washer tub and with the 1300rpm motor speed that will help wash and clean your dirt clothes quickly. It is good to have the plastic body on this washing machine against potential rusting.

yonmile zokop 10.4lb washer spinner

It is a practical and convenient washer and spinner for your daily life. The wash input power is 300 watts and the spin input power is 250 watts for a total of 550W and with 110V of voltage (60Hz) it can be plugged into any US power outlets. It is safe to use with the plug conforming to UL standards. With an environmentally friendly design it will use less water and energy and will save you on money and can be stored easily with its space saving design.

It works efficiently without making a lot of noise that would disturb you or people in the house. You’ll get a drain pipe and an inlet pipe that are extended to 2 meters and doesn’t come with an adopter that can fit your faucet. Please note that the washer and the spinner are quite powerful but it only spin dries and not dry your clothes completely. This means it will take you shorter to air dry them outside on the balcony or in the backyard. It gets the jobs done without the bells and whistles and cleans as good as a full size automatic washing machine. It is suitable for use anywhere with not a lot of space.

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